5 Mindblowing NYC Startups

New York is the launching pad and home base for a great multitude of things ranging from food to fashion, and just about everything in between. One thing you don’t really attribute to New York is being a nurturing environment for startup companies. But we here at the Fueled Collective, New York’s best incubator, noticed a lot of great companies operating in the Big Apple. Although we are partial to those at the Collective, here are a few not part of Fueled, but based in NYC, that we love.


Hailing themselves as Uber’s pay experience for restaurants, Cover Inc. delivers on exactly that. With a number of websites such as Yelp to help choose a restaurant, and Opentable to book it, there was only a matter of time before someone streamlined the end of the dining experience. Paying for a bill in large groups often turns things awkward and asking the server to split the tab multiple card gets messy. Cover makes this easier for all parties involved by allowing you to create a table in the app, or join a table once you arrive to the restaurant, and splits the bill without you having to wait for the check to be delivered. Although based in San Francisco the company has a big presence here in NYC.

Fly Cleaners

As a New Yorker, I don’t have much time to do laundry (don’t worry my clothes are clean). Not only is it really inconvenient with my schedule, depending on where I drop it off, it’s most often cheaper to have someone else do it with the money and time I save. New York-based Fly Cleaners is looking to make that process even easier by allowing users to download their free app, schedule pick-ups and drop-offs, and even choose the type of detergent they’d like to use all with the swipe of a finger. Fly Cleaners has raised over $2M so far.


With the plethora of dating apps available it can be intimidating to choose one. Most of these involve connecting you to a stranger who you may share some passing interests with. One thing that Hinge does is focus on your network by linking you with “friends of friends” and helping people find the connection that was right in front of their nose. Instead of worrying about that guy/girl on Tinder, look who your friends know and vet them first before even asking them to drinks. Raising over $4M in July alone, they’re currently sitting at $8.6M



I’m really not sure why no one thought of this sooner but that’s the beauty of living in the time that we do. ZocDoc is an app that’s making waves by letting patients schedule appointments with their primary care physicians or find new doctors and even fill out some of the paperwork ahead of time. This in-turn takes some of the burden out of sitting in a Dr.’s office waiting room, makes for a more efficient use of everyone’s time and will, in some small way, impact the overall feelings about the process of being in a Dr.’s office. ZocDoc has received just shy of $100M in funding so far.


This last one is a favorite amongst those looking to break into the startup industry. Lynxsy is the middleman between recent college graduates and the startup companies looking for people with their skills. Grads can upload their LinkedIn profile to the app, create an application video, and once hired they are paid directly through the app. As of right now Lynxsy has received $118K and an inclusion in TechStars NYC.

Now that you’ve seen some of our favorites, let us know what you think and how they stack up to what’s being produced on the west coast.


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