Using Twitter For Business Marketing

As one of the largest social media platforms, Twitter is an essential tool when it comes to marketing for your business. There are approximately 500 million tweets that are made daily and up to 271 active accounts. By using Twitter correctly you can connect your business to a wider community of people who may already be interested in your service.

Connecting to people in real time

The power of social media is that it’s happening now. The replies are almost instantaneous and engagement is real and live. When you’re using Twitter to communicate with customers it gives your business the power to connect to the client on what is important to them right at that moment. Responding to customer Tweets can encourage engagement and conversations. This helps promote your business as others can see how committed you are to providing an outstanding level of customer service. It also makes your business seem more human.

Mimic your competitors

It’s always important to have benchmarks for yourself and your business. By comparing yourself to competitors you can see what they are tweeting about, which type of tweets work and which ones don’t. This is an easy way to gather industry insights for your marketing strategy. You can then formulate your Twitter promotions to get the most out of your customers and grow your brand.

The SEO value of Twitter

There has been constant debate on whether social media signals are beneficial for SEO. Although it cannot be confirmed whether it has direct SEO benefits, social pages are still crawled by search engines, therefore it is vital that your tweets contains the keywords that you wish your business to be known for. Encouraging followers to retweet is also an important part of social media marketing as this creates mentions of your business and lets search engines know that your webpage is important.

Running promotions to gain more followers

Encourage your existing clients to retweet your business to get more followers and social exposure. Do this by running fun promotions and giveaways, as more people are likely to participate if they feel like they will receive something in return. Be aware that many people will try to cheat Twitter promotions by buying followers online.  Although this will do no harm to your business, you want to reward the right person who is sharing your business with real Twitter users, who may end up a future client. There are many applications that can detect bought followers to help you run a fair promotion.

Using Twitter to create brand mentions

Whether online or in real life it is important to let others know that your brand is significant enough that others are talking about it. Curating conversations around hash tags and encouraging followers to tweet photos and videos about it will enhance your brand to others. For example, challenges like the #hungerchallenge asks Twitter users to tweet about their experience when they are trying spend less then $5 a day on food. This creates an ongoing and organic method of marketing.

Networking with the right people

Use Twitter correctly and you can open the door to a targeted audience of people already interested in your industry. Use tools such as Follower Wonk to network with the right people. It doesn’t matter if you gain 100 000+ followers, if they have no interest in your business, it still won’t get you anywhere. There are now sites selling Twitter followers in every country, from Canada to Australia and even Portugal. However, it is pointless to bloat the numbers of followers if they don’t interact or care about what you have to offer.

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Written by trankatey

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