The Negative Side of Buying Followers

The purchase of Twitter Followers was once a well kept social media secret but now seems like a joke that even songs talk about it. What once started off as a marketing technique is now a common habit for everyone to indulge. Many businesses practice this technique, to enhance their online profile, hoping it will gain them further media attention and bring along some traffic. Does buying Twitter Followers really help or is it just creating unrealistic targets.

Many people buy into the game of purchasing Followers because they’ve heard that it has the potential of building a customer base, help with search rankings and create brand awareness. It may have started off as a harmless marketing technique but it has now evolved into a narcissistic game of one-upmanship.

With a simple Google search you will find hundreds of sites offering the sale of Twitter Followers. It started off in countries like India and Pakistan where the price for pay-per-follow is cheap. However, it has now become such a huge industry that there are sites that offer targeted followers specified to counties like Spain, Germany and even Portugal.

With packages starting as low as $15 for the thousand. No wonder everyone is buying into this trend. What people fail to see is that the more we buy into this market, the more unrealistic the expectations we are building becomes, and it becomes a game that doesn’t end.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers


1. Free Is Better

With the purchase of Followers being so common, most people will recognise when you haven’t bought them, which is quite refreshing. This encourages trust and confidence instantly as someone can see that you are honest, and working hard at building a real following, interested in when you have to offer.

 2. Bad For Your Image

As everyone now knows about this trend, and looks down on it, you will actually be doing your business damage. It will ruin your reputation even if most of your Followers are real. As mentioned above, it is just a narcissistic game played between competitors while the audience is uninvolved.

 3. It Wont Help SEO Efforts

A common reason why people buy into the habit of buying Followers is that they think it will help with their search engine rankings. This is true to a degree, if Followers are retweeting your posts, as Google sees this as organic link building. Fake Followers who have been paid to follow you won’t retweet or interact with you so it won’t help with SEO in any way.

4. Against Twitter’s Terms & Conditions

Although there is nothing stating that you can’t buy Followers. Twitter doesn’t allow for multiple accounts to be opened by the same individual. Which means you are still encouraging actions that are against the terms and conditions. The T&Cs may change at any time and could mean your account being closed down.

5. No One Wins

It’s a habit that gets addictive and no one wins, except the sites who are selling the Followers. Being so easy to purchase makes it harder to give up. When you think you’re ahead, and have 500 more Followers then your competitor, they simply whip out their credit card and they now have more then you. It’s a constant competition that is pointless because it doesn’t mean anything more then a number. The Followers don’t convert into business sales.

Considering all the points above, isn’t it easier to just work at building a real following? It doesn’t matter if your competitor has a larger following on Twitter if you are actually getting all the business. Social media was created as a new way for people to engage with others and it can really help your business if you focus on the right things.

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Written by trankatey

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