LG to release a round smartwatch at IFA Berlin next week

LG G Watch was the first Android Wear running smartwatch in the market. It was followed by Samsung Gear Live and Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch.


Google showed off all the three watches back at Google I/O in June; however it wasn’t a surprise that Moto 360 stole the show. In fact, people were highly disappointed to hear that unlike G Watch and Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 was not going to launch anytime soon.

Moto 360 was much more refined and better looking than the two other competitors which made it an instant hit. The round watch design seemed to connect with the users unlike the square design as found on the G Watch and Gear Live.

While Motorola is expected to launch the device officially at IFA Berlin, we think the company is a little late.

According to recent reports, LG will not be sitting back while Motorola had all the fun. The company is all set to release a round smartwatch at IFA Berlin, which means we’ll have at least two Android Wear running round smartwatches by the end of this year.

So, if LG manages to launch an attractive round smartwatch at IFA Berlin, then it would most likely be available around the same time as Moto 360 hits the market. This means, consumers will have two different round smartwatches to choose from, and if the new LG watch turns out to be a success, then it won’t really matter that Moto 360 was popular with consumers earlier.

The company has even released a teaser video of the new smartwatch. The video is flashy but gives out very little details about the device and ends by saying that the device will be announced at IFA Berlin.

However, the teaser did say that the design will be a perfect circle, probably hinting that LG’s round smartwatch will have a true circular interface unlike Moto 360 which comes with a black bar at the bottom.

Unfortunately, other than that, we have no details on the device’s design or hardware.

All we know right now is that LG will launch the device at IFA Berlin. Given that the event is just a week away, we won’t mind waiting for a few more days to get full details about this upcoming device.

Motorola is also expected to launch Moto G2 and Moto X+1 at the event, so stay tuned to the website in the coming week.

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