Five Reasons NOT To Buy Likes

So you may have seen many websites offering these services. Only $30 bucks for 1000 likes? Promising to make your business look more established and offering “real” likes. What does it really do for your Facebook business page other then boosting a number? More harm then good and it is actually bad for business!

1. It’s Against Facebook’s Terms and Conditions

It is clearly stated that it is against the terms and conditions and if Facebook detects that the majority of your likes have been bought they will place limits on your page. Although Facebook may seem to be tolerating the industry of buying likes they can change their rules at any time and start enforcing stricter consequences to Facebook pages that buy likes by deleting the page or the entire account. Similar to how Youtube responded to people purchasing views for their videos. Youtube responded by deleting up to 2 billion views, some from influential artists signed with Sony and Universal. Why risk your Facebook page being deleted and losing all your real customers and fans?

2. It’s a Waste of Money

There are many sites offering packages, from as low as $20, from all countries around the world. They promise to boost your number with real likes and make you look more established.  What you need to understand is that the accounts are considered real because they “exist”. But when it comes to what really matters, these accounts or likes are not real because they do not belong to a real person who will show any interest or engagement in your business. The likes are created either by bots or clicks farms.  You will never get anything else from them other then that number and it will never convert to a real customer.

You pay extra money to promote to these accounts that don’t offer you anything in return. The higher the number of likes or followers you have the more you pay when doing Facebook marketing. So every time you want to share a post on your page you have to pay extra for no reason.

Likes stats for blog post about FB

3. It’s Obvious!

Your real customers can tell that you’ve probably bought likes without having to do much investigating.  As you can see in the image above, it’s easy to spot just by clicking on the Likes tab of your page. If you have an outrageously large number of likes but only a small number of ‘people talking about this’ or ‘visits’ then it is obvious that a percentage of your likes are faked. Another obvious signal that your likes may have been faked is where they have come from. Facebook now shows where most people who have liked your page are from. If you are an American Business but most of your likes are from Pakistan it may raise a few eyebrows. People don’t like being lied to, even if this is something that seems insignificant as buying likes.

4. The Likes Drop

Purchased likes can disappear at any time due to Facebook deleting the accounts. If you have purchased likes then be prepared for the number to fluctuate constantly. You will either have to commit to continuously buying likes to maintain your image or be exposed.

The image above shows how drastically purchased likes can drop. Nearly 3000 likes dropping in one week and another 5500 new likes. Digits like this incite suspicion within your real fan base.

5. Ethically Wrong and Bad for Your Image

Having an online image is all about building trust. Sometimes it can be the first point of contact a potential customer has with your business. If their first impression of your business is dishonesty it can mean that you’ve lost a client for life. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Focus your efforts on generating real likes and interest for your business.

Ways to Generate Real Likes

There are many alternatives to getting likes other then purchasing them, ways that won’t have a negative effect on your business. Give these a try to start getting real likes for your business.

1. Purchase Facebook Ads

If you already have an idea of your target market it is easy to put together a campaign to attract more likes and customers. Facebook Ads allow you to specify the age group, location, gender and even interests of the audience you wish to advertise to. Spend the money you were going to use buying likes on this instead and you won’t be penalized.

2. Run Contests

By running a Facebook contest you encourage your real users to share and like your posts. This increases your Facebook page engagement and can introduce your business to new consumers.

3. Promotions and Giveaways

Discounts and giveaways are a great way to get new people liking your page. Make it exclusive to your Facebook customers and remember to make it worthwhile.

Try the tips above to start getting more likes and shares for your Facebook page. Remember it’s all about real customer engagement!

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Written by trankatey

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