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Gaming has always been a favorite pass time of people mainly children. Online gaming is very popular since the 90’s and such online games can be played from either a desktop or laptop. Interest in online gaming is increasing day by day among people of all ages. The gaming industry has now elaborated further with the introduction of game consoles. But it should be kept in mind that there is a distinct difference between gaming and gaming consoles. The gaming console is generally a gaming machine meant for family entertainment. Online gaming brings to you the possibility of playing online games with different players from different parts of the world. But a gaming console does not allow this. With a gaming console three to four dies have revealed that playing games on a gaming console are comparatively people can interact at the same place. Player interaction from different parts of the world is not possible with a gaming console. Stu cheaper than playing games online. So, a gaming console can be the best gift for your child.

Some notable gaming consoles in the market

The most popular among the gaming consoles are Sony PlayStation and Sega Megadrive. The game console market gradually started developing after the success of these two gaming consoles. However, it is advisable to buy the console with the most staying power. Consideration can be made of the following gaming consoles before buying one for your kid.

Nintendo D Si– Most parents prefer the Nintendo D Si as the perfect gift for their kids as it’s handheld and also small. This gaming console was at the highest peak of popularity last year and it is still maintaining its position. Nintendo D Si is also a portable console and you don’t need to fix it with a TV or computer. However, this portability can also be a negative factor as kids can be hiding the gaming console in their school bags when asked to stop playing. Till Nintendo D Si is the most popular gaming console in kids. It has D-pad, six face buttons along with two shoulder buttons and a touch screen microphone. It comes with either 0.3 Megapixel camera or VGA camera. A Nintendo D Si costs around 14,240/- in the Indian market.

Nintendo Wii– The most expensive gaming console in the market is the Nintendo Wii. However, its price has dropped a little than what it initially costed when first introduced in the market. This is popular among kids as there are a numerous variety of games which are very interactive. There are also some add on games to it like the WiiFit. Numerous other cutting edge games make this gaming console a hot favorite among both parents and kids. In fact the entire family can enjoy the games and this makes the Nintendo Wii an affordable option. It comes with a 6.2 inch LCD touch screen. It also ensures traditional button controls and two analog sticks also come within a box of Nintendo Wii. The built in accelerometer and gyroscope allows intuitive motion controls. The price of a Nintendo Wii in India is Rs. 14,631.

Xbox 360– As far as gaming consoles are concerned, the Xbox 360 was not a strong contestant until the Kinect add on was introduced in 2010. This Kinect add on uses motion sensors and a camera to ensure playing of the games with the body of the gamer instead of using controllers. Uses of the Kinect add on makes the Xbox 360 even more interactive than the Nintendo Wii. Experts are of the opinion that Xbox 360 will become this year’s most wanted game console, but it should be made sure that you can afford it along with the Kinect add on. The Xbox 360 uses the tipple core Xenon designed by IBM as its CPU. Each core is capable of processing two threads simultaneously and therefore it can operate six threads at a time. Numerous accessories are also available with an Xbox 360 like headsets for chatting, dance mats, three sizes of memory units, a webcam for video chatting and dance mats and Gamersize for exercise. An Xbox 360 with 250 GB storage comes at Rs. 24,990 in India.

Types of gaming consoles

The Gaming consoles have ruled the market since 1950 with the introduction of the first video game. Such video games are generally known as first generation gaming consoles and they were played on huge computers connected to vector displays and not to analog televisions. In 1972 the Magnavox Odyssey was introduced in the market, which was the first gaming console that can be played connecting to a television. From this point onwards the gaming consoles which were manufactured came to be known as the second generation gaming consoles. Such second generation gaming consoles contained a programmable microprocessor and a single ROM chip was needed to store the instructions of the microprocessor. The most popular gaming console among the third generation was the Atari 2600. Along with the introduction of the Famicon or Family Computer by Nintendo in 1983 came the third generation gaming consoles. Gaming consoles of this generation provided the gamers with more detailed and longer graphics. Gaming consoles made by NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) became the most popular gaming console of this generation. The Nintendo designed also ruled the market among the fourth generation gaming consoles also and the handheld game consoles designed by them were highly popular in the market. According to the specifications the gaming consoles are grouped till the eighth generation. Sony Play station 4 was the most popular console of the eighth generation.

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