Campaign Spotlight: Riyo

We had a chance to talk to Dan Almazan of Riyo about their new invention and their exciting campaign on Indiegogo. Check out our Q&A session.


Give us a brief background about yourself (education, employment etc)

I am a Bioengineer by education and entrepreneur by passion. I have 10+ years in complex project management experience. Having successfully launched several biopsy and implantable vascular devices from inception to full launch and customer support, I know that no detail can be overlooked. I began leveraging my project management and supply chain experience to develop consumer products outside the medical device industry.

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 Where is Riyo based?

We are based in Salt Lake City, UT / USA

Do you have any social media accounts?

Yes we have several. You can find us on either:

Facebook –

LinkedIn –

Twitter – @riyocase

So, what is the name of your campaign?

It’s simply called Riyo

Tell us more about Riyo.

Riyo is the first minimalist phone card case designed for today’s mobile lifestyle.

What is your campaign seeking to do?

We are raising funds to build production molds to bring Riyo to our Backers

 Are there any other team members?

There are two core team members. Dan Almazana and Tiffany Benson. We also leverage an extensive network of designers, moldmakers, engineers who are all part of our project.

When did you begin your campaign?

We launched the campaign on 8th June this year.

When is your campaign scheduled to end?

A few days from today actually. We will end the campaign on 23rd July

How many people have you so far attracted?

About twenty people.

How much money are you seeking to collect at the end of your campaign?


How do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

We know how hard it is to build something people like. We also know how hard it is to put the right team together to bring your product to market. We have more ideas than we’ll ever get to in our lifetime. In addition to rewarding our backers with a Riyo, we are sharing all of the details of how we did it. Our hope is this will help current and future inventors bring their product to market.

Why did you select Kickstarter as your platform of choice?

Social media provides the best return on raising awareness and bringing attention to new ideas and concepts. Kickstarter is the hub where people go to find out about new and creative products and ideas.

Does Kickstarter help you in any way with your campaign?

Kickstarter provides very good dashboards which helps me respond on social media to what is and isn’t working.

How do you pay Kickstarter for running your campaign on their platform?

With our own funds.

How have you promoted your campaign?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Press releases. Facebook post boosts, Blog requests. We often ask our own social network to “share” instead of back. We’ve found that to be much more effective than asking people to “back”. Backing a project is a very personal choice that we would never want to pressure anyone into. It’s a lot easier to ask friends to share.

What have been most challenging about running your campaign?

Getting the view count on Kickstarter to grow faster.

What has been most rewarding about your campaign?

We have a very high conversion rate for the people that see our campaign. They like us! They really like us!

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to tell us?

There is real mechanical engineering underneath the hood of Riyo. It isn’t just a normal pouch. Just watch the one handed video. We designed it to the the perfect balance of hold with ease of use.


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