Yahoo Planning Youtube Rival

Yahoo is in advanced talks with video producers to launch its own online video channel this year, a product meant to rival Google’s YouTube, according to Ad Age, which cited unnamed sources briefed on the company’s plans.

The new video site will focus on attracting content creators through a greater potential to earn money.

Yahoo will offer the option of a fixed ad rate that will be 50-100 percent higher than YouTube’s average net ad rate, according to Ad Age.

While YouTube is by far the biggest video sharing site on the web —1 billion active monthly users and counting — it is by no means the only business operating in this space and Yahoo believes that it can attract producers and creators by offering a better split of advertising revenue.

As well as a standalone portal, Yahoo wants to make it easy to embed videos on other sites across the web and to host clips on all of the company’s other web properties, be it the homepage or Tumblr.


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