Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen shares image of new game on Twitter

A day after Dong Nguyen, creator the popular mobile game Flappy bird disclosed that the Flappy Bird game will return in August, he has revealed a new game via Twitter.



“I am making a new game. So people can forget about Flappy Bird for a while,” Nguyen said in a tweet that was favourited or retweeted more than 1500 times in an hour.

The image posted on his tweet appeared to depict humans wearing helmets jumping into a building.

Flappy Bird was taken down by Nguyen after he though people were getting too addicted to it. Most were baffled by Nguyen’s choice to abandon a project that was at one time fetching him $50,000 a day through ads, and that was before it hit it reached its peak popularity. Some left him death threats and phones with Flappy installed were being sold for close to $100,000. However, he soon sparked off new speculation that the game will be back on mobile devices.

It is highly speculated that the new game could be out soon and well before August.

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