Google Glass goes on sale to the US public

If you live in the U.S, for as little as $1500 you can now participate in Google’s Explorer program that gives you a chance to test drive their latest invention – The Google Glass.


This latest announcement comes a month after an initial 24 hour sale sold out.

A stamp-sized electronic screen mounted on the side of a pair of eyeglass frames, Google Glass can record video, access email, provide turn-by-turn driving directions and retrieve information from the web by connecting wirelessly to a user’s phone.

The eyewear-mounted device, which is still at the beta development stage, will be on sale until stocks run out.

This week’s sale comes ahead of Google’s I/O conference scheduled for 25 June in San Francisco, the annual meet-up where it first unveiled Glass in 2012.

Google has also resumed regular firmware updates for the headset after taking a four-month hiatus until the April 2014 release of XE 16, which brought KitKat to Glass and trimmed unpopular features. On Tuesday it released XE 17.1 to fix a few bugs in the previous releases.

Google has said it was still working to improve hardware and software. It hasn’t specified how many glasses will be sold or whether it will make any more once sold out.


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