Campaign Spotlight: Salmon Social: The life or death of the next big social app.

We had a chance to talk to Bryan Payne of Salmon Social about their exciting new app and their Indiegogo campaign. Take a look at the Q&A session and let us know what you think!



Hi Bryan, please give us a brief background about yourself?

I am the Co-founder / President of Embassy Digital, the largest Photobook provider in Canada, President Canada Yearbooks, and the President of Picaboo Yearbooks in Silicon Valley.

Where exactly is Salmon Social located?

We are located at South San Francisco, USA.

What is the name of your campaign?

Salmon Social: The life or death of the next big social app.

Give us some description about your project?

The project is a documentary based on two unlikely partners creating and launching the next big social app within 90 days and have moved to Boise to do it and rally the community behind it’s launch on mass. If the app does become as popular as Twitter and Facebook it will be a behind the scenes look at how it was created and launched in real time and within only 90 days.

What is your campaign seeking to do?

We are looking to gain awareness to get wide scale acceptance of the app. The campaign is to raise funds to complete the documentary. Filming is currently in process and we require the funds to complete the post production of the documentary.

Are there any other team members?

Samantha Nicholson co-founder.

When did you begin your campaign?

The Campaign started on Indiegogo on April 7th. The filming of the documentary started March 2nd.

When is your campaign scheduled to end?

May 9th the Indiegogo campaign will end.

How many people have you so far attracted?

29 donors.

How much money have you so far collected?

So far we have $5710

How much money are you seeking to collect at the end of your campaign?

We are seeking to collect $82,000

How do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

We have a number of perks, T-shirts, Preimere tickets, DVD’s, Credits in movie, credits in app and the coolest is a founders recognition badge within the profile of the app. Only way you can get one is to fund the documentary.

Why did you select Indiegogo as your platform of choice as opposed to others?

We were approved by Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Our concern with Kickstarter was they told us they could pull our campaign down at anytime and we were concerned about that. Indiegogo was less restrictive.

Does Indiegogo help you in any way with your campaign?

We have not anticipated that happening. We have not seen any support. We assumed we will need to generate traffic to our page and not rely on Indiegogo.

How do you pay Indiegogo for running your campaign on their platform?

We pay a percentage of the money raised if we achieve our target. It is roughly 7%

How have you promoted your campaign?

We have promoted to friends and family, social media, press releases and to blogs. We have also gotten local media attention and are networking through the technology community and women entrepreneurs and local Boise community.

What have been most challenging about running your campaign?

Promoting the documentary while working on completing and promoting the app for launch.

What has been most rewarding about your campaign?

The story is a good one. The teaser shows that there is drama and passion and that the story is well worth being told. It’s also been awesome to get the support from people who agree it’s a great story.

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to tell us?

We are launching what the App does on April 23rd and we hope that when people see what the app does they will want to support the documentary as they will see the exclusitivity of having the founders badge on their profile page.

You can view the documentary teaser at You can also see the director’s thoughts at

You can also learn more about us on social media at:

Facebook account
LinkedIn Account Account @socialbryanGoogle Plus Account


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