Campaign Spotlight: The Rufus Cuff – More than a smartwatch

We had a chance to talk to Gabe Grifoni of Rufus Labs about their amazing Wrist Communicator that features a radical design, and reimagined form factor and their Indiegogo campaign to popularize the device. Take a look at what he had to say about this new must have gadget.


Where is Rufus Labs located?

Rufus Labs is located in Los Angeles California

What is the name of your campaign?

The Rufus Cuff – More than a smartwatch. A wrist communicator.

Give us some description about your campaign

We are a small tech startup in CA geared towards reimagining the world of wearable technology.

What is your campaign seeking to do?

Raise funds to complete development and begin mass production.

When did you begin your campaign?

We launched the campaign on March 18, 2014

When is your campaign scheduled to end?

It will end on April 27, 2014

How many people have you so far attracted?

So far we have 521 Funders

How much money have you so far collected?

We have so far collected $113,000

How much money are you seeking to collect at the end of your campaign?

We are hoping to have collected $200,000

How do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

We are offering them special Indiegogo edition of the Rufus Cuff at a much lower cost than our estimated retail pricing.

Why did you select Indiegogog as your preferred platform of choice as opposed to others?

We love the creative community at indiegogo. Additionally, indiegogo also allows us to donate a portion of our profits to charity, something that is at the heart of our mission at rufuslabs.

Does Indiegogo help you in any way with your campaign?

Yes, we were just featured in their newsletter last week and featured on their homepage.

They take a portion of the funds we raise.

How have you promoted your campaign?

We use social media, paid advertising, email marketing to Indiegogo members and our contacts, press releases, blogs and websites, among many others.

Speaking of social media, do you have any social media accounts?

Yes, we have several. You can find us on Facebook at,  LinkedIn at, Twitter at, and Google + at

What have been most challenging about running your campaign?

Getting constant press coverage to bring eyes to the campaign

What has been most rewarding about your campaign?

The unbelievable support from our contributors. We have a great community of developers and consumers that are really excited about what we’re buiding and we love hearing all the comments and feedback. It keeps Team Rufus motivated and moving forward.

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to tell us?

As I mentioned above, we have a charitable element to our company. 5% of our net profits go to charitable causes around the globe. We also have select models with unique colors and special accents that allocate 25% of net profits to specific charitable causes. We believe our technology should benefit more than just our users.

For a demonstration of how the Rufus Cuff work, watch our video at

We wish Rufus Labs all the best with Rufus Cuff and all future projects.

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