App Spotlight: Duvamis

We had a chance to talk to Dora Nacheva of Duvamis Team about their social  networking app. Take a look at the Q&A session below.


Give us a brief background about Duvamis.

Duvamis has been developed, following a certain philosophy, based on our belief that regulated anonymous communication gives users freedom to share their innermost needs and thoughts.

The main philosophy behind the new project is to allow the user to be a creator of his own virtual world. It also serves as a chance for the most harmonious virtual existence , which is not contrary in any way to the the social or biological identity. It is rather an emotional and spiritual completion of the user, the chance for which mankind has been searching for ages.

Duvamis startup offers an unique combination of innovative concepts and functions, coupled with consumer usefulness and demand for completely anonymous online communication.

Where is Duvamis located?

We are located in Bulgaria, Sofia.

Do you have any social media profiles?

Yes we do. You can get us on the following social media platforms:

Facebook  –

Twitter –‎

LinkedIn  –

Blog –

Is Duvamis a free or paid app?

It’s free

When was the app created?

It was created on 30.05.2013

What type of App is it?

Duvamis is a web based app

What category does Duvamis fall under?

It’s a social media app

Any other people you created the app with?  

All Duvamis Team is made up of more than 100 young professionals.

Duvamis Ltd. is a startup company focusing on building a truly innovative product in the field of social media and online communications. The product – Astral Media Duvamis, has been recently launched on the global market.n

Describe Duvamis in 50 or so words

Duvamis is completely anonymous social media for sharing, free interactions and creative online activities among all adult users worldwide.

Duvamis aims to create free, anonymous network, where users are not burdened by their biological characteristics and social status. A network, where they can share their positive and negative experiences, thoughts and feelings, with no concerns that this may harm their everyday life.

What Platform is Duvamis App based on?

All web based, iOS and Android

What technology was used to create app?     

Node Js
MySQL Cluster

Were there any challenges encountered in creating app?

The biggest challenge was to make people believe that anonymity is the future of online communication.

Why should people choose Duvamis?

  Users have guaranteed anonymity.

Interactions are not based on knowing particular people, but on specific interests and needs.

There are NO annoying ads.

Opportunity of recreation of human’s mental world by creating or acquiring virtual visions.

There are no limits by how many virtual visions can be created for the expression of one’s self.

Duvamis is a free space for thoughts, imagination and dreams.

Are there any apps similar to Duvamis?

All existing social networks, such as Facebook, 4Chan, MySpace, Twitter, etc.

Any other apps you have created?

Yes. Duvamis Advertising Center

Duvamis has developed a special advertising space, following its philosophy to motivate the expression of creativity and freedom of relations. What makes this advertising system different is that it is not the well-known aggressive advertisement. There are no annoying ads. Driven by their needs and interests, users can search ads in a distinct element.

Where can we get  Duvamis app?

You can get the app at

Anything else you would like to add?

In Duvamis the registered users employ and interact in a mediated manner by creating the so called “virtual visions”. These visions represent users interests, needs and ideas, but not their social characteristics – gender, race, age, social status, religion, etc.. This is why Duvamis is real, but indirect and hence free form of communication where the absolute social and biological anonymity of the user is ensured and he is able to express his individuality.

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