Campaign Spotlight: SmartMio

We had a chance to talk to Alexey Pisarev of Smartmissimo Technologies Pte Ltd about their campaign SmartMio running on Indiegogo. Take a look at the Q&A session.


Give us a brief background about yourself (education, employment etc)

I have 8+ years in IT management with Fortune 500. I also have a BSc in Computer Science, and an MBA from Warwick

Where is Smartmissimo Technologies Pte Ltd located?

We are located in  Singapore

Do you have any social media accounts where we can follow and know more about you?

Yes. You can find me on Facebook at, and also on LinkedIn at

 What is the name of your campaign?

Our campaign is called SmartMio


Tell us a bit about your company.

Smartmissimo Technologies Pte Ltd is a startup company that has created a connected and wearable muscle stimulator

What is your campaign seeking to do (raise funds to complete prototype, raise awareness of your startup etc)?

We are looking to raise funds for our new product SmartMio

Are there any other team members for the project?

Yes there are. we have Filipp Almakov (COO) and Yegor Trukhin (Head of Branding)

When did you begin your campaign?

We launched the campaign on March 20th

And when is your campaign scheduled to end?

We will end on May 5th

How much money have you so far collected?

So far we have raised a little over $83,000.

Impressive! And how much money are you seeking to collect at the end of your campaign?

We hoped to have raised $50,000 by the end of our campaign.

How do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

We have different perks to obtain SmartMio

Why did you select Indiegogo as your platform of choice as opposed to others?

Indiegogo seemed like the best platform for our campaign.

Does Indiegogo help you in any way with your campaign? (Help promote your campaign to its members etc)

They use an algorithm that determines page ranking which has proven very helpful to us.

How do you pay Indiegogog for running your campaign on their platform?

Indiegogo gets to keep 4% of funds raised

How have you promoted your campaign? 

We have done promotion within our own company and hired The Crowdfund Boutique to help

What have been most challenging about running your campaign?

The constant work trying to get noticed by bloggers and journalists

What has been most rewarding about your campaign?

Seeing people take to SmartMio so quickly.

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to tell us?

You can view a brief video of SmartMio on Youtube and support us on our Indiegogo page.

We look forward to getting SmartMio out to the world!

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