Top LinkedIn Groups for Lawyers to Get a Head Start on Smart Online Networking


A lot of lawyers have LinkedIn profiles but do not understand the value of joining the various LinkedIn groups there are for lawyers. This is common to all professions, actually: people tend to spruce up their profile but neglect to join forces with like-minded people and don’t even realize what opportunities they are missing out on. We have here a list of different groups at least one of which ought to be useful to you if you are practicing law.

1. AVVO Lawyers:

If you don’t already know, AVVO is a site which collects public information about lawyers and even awards them with ratings. Reviews about them are also posted (after manual screening to rule out personal attacks). People can ask questions and lawyers can answer. Depending on how good their answer is, many lawyers make several thousand dollars in the space of a few days by getting new clients (while others gain absolutely nothing). It is in your best interest to update your profile and clear it of any inaccuracies since AVVO keeps ranking very high in Google’s organic search results.

Not everyone is fond of AVVO for various reasons not the least of which is the fact that the site discloses all information about lawyers, good or bad. If you are on AVVO or cannot decide, you could gain from insights that members of this group can provide you with.

2. Solo Attorney Practitioner’s Forum:

Some lawyers prefer to set up their own office instead of seeking out mentors. Join this group if you are the entrepreneurial type for some really good advice instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

3. Lawyer Search Guide:

This is a group every lawyer should join. People often look for lawyers with specific skill sets and this group is your window to lots of such opportunities as well as for networking for jobs in general.

4. U.S. Department of Justice:

Keep abreast of new laws, changes in older ones and learn about real life applications of legal tenets. Another must join group for any lawyer practicing in the United States.

5. Prosecutors, District Attorney, Deputy Attorney General and US Attorney Group:

The perfect group for all those interested in practicing criminal law. Get the best tips and strategies and insights on courtroom practices from the experts.

6. Trial Lawyer Network for Lawyers and Attorneys:

The name says it all: if you are interested in working as a Trial Lawyer, join this group to share advice and tips with others in this area of legal practice.

7. Law Student Career Network:

About to graduate and not sure about what to do about your career? Talk to one another, share information and tips, get updates and, most important, make new friends who may turn out to be valuable connections later in your professional life.

8. ABA Young Lawyers Division:

You get similar benefits of making lifelong friends when you join this group because you will all be growing professionally and can choose to boost each other’s careers.

9. Lawyer Referral Exchange:

Not quite the place for creating friends but certainly goes a long way in getting to know people and being referred to jobs. Of course, you will have to give out referrals as well, but here you have the chance to work within a sort of system and brush up your networking skills for creating purely professional contacts.

10. e-Legal:

This one covers all specializations and even has something for law students. Another one of those groups that every lawyer should join just to keep themselves updated with regard to mostly everything that comes under the practice of law.

11. Corporate Lawyer Network:

Another group that deals with one specific category of law, if you are into corporate law or want to know more about it, this is the place for you.

12. Lawyer Marketing:

Whether you already have your own firm, planning to have one or even going solo, marketing is the name of the game. Join this group to understand how things work and how best to sell yourself (and your firm).


This one is something like an online billboard for lawyers’ jobs. If you look closely enough you are bound to find something that suits your criteria. With over 15,000 members and growing, there must be something right about this group.

14. Legal Force:

This group helps businesses find lawyers and if you are looking for a job, this is another option you don’t want to pass up on.

15. Leadership for Lawyers:

We kept this for the last because we liked the sound of it! You do need leadership skills even if you are serving tables. Such skills help you stand out among your equals and open doors to better opportunities by getting you noticed by people who count. Join this group for news on the latest technology to use in your profession as well as for really useful guidance that will serve you well inside courtrooms just as it will make a better human being of you.

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