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If you have decided that email marketing is for you, it is important that you take it seriously. While many people and businesses will complain about email marketing, failure to achieve success can usually be attributed to not taking email marketing seriously. In order to keep track of your list, it is helpful to choose a reliable and reputable email marketing software provider to work with.

While every firm or business has their own needs and requirements, here are some criteria to consider when looking for an email marketing software firm:

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Free trial service
  • Analytical support
  • Number of mailing lists / people on mailing lists
  • Auto-responsive capabilities

You should think about your own needs for these areas and then review what the different software providers offer you. The fact that there are so many email software providers to choose from will ensure that there will be one that meets your needs.

Here are the top 10 email marketing software options for your business.


Mailchimp is well respected and well known in this industry. The firm offers a free plan entitled ‘Forever Free’ which enables firms to send out up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers every month. The software also allows users to set up an auto-responder and link into social media.


With Aweber, the $1 trial period makes it a popular option because users get to be hands on in seeing what is on offer. Aweber is very user-friendly and you can make your sign-up forms and emails extremely attractive, which may be the difference between people swinging up for your email list.

Constant Contact

With a 60 day free trial on offer, Constant Contact combines a reliable email service with the ability to market events, set up surveys and integrate social media use. This means that this is a sensible choice for a larger firm or for a business that is keen to reach out to clients in a wide variety of ways.


One of the strongest points of iContact is the fact that it offers a strong social media integration service. The company also boasts of a high level of deliverability and they appear to be competitively priced in comparison to many of the other firms in this industry.


Wizemail offers a free trial and they provide a reliable UK service, extremely handy for UK businesses looking to ensure they meet all local regulations and laws. The firm focuses on the key elements of design, delivery and analysis, which means that they are able to offer an effective service to all of their clients. The firm also provides a reasonable price for their service.


PinPointe is regarded as being a Business to Business (B2b) email marketing specialist and there is a high level of tracking information provided by the firm. Any business looking to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy based on usage and links will find that the information provided is of great relevancy. The firm provides a number of payment options including a Pay As You Go service.


Mailgen is a fairly standard and across the board email service provider. While there is nothing that really a stand out from the firm, they do offer a competent range of services that should satisfy a broad selection of users.


Campaigner is an email provider that provides a great deal of assistance in creating stunning looking emails. This is where businesses who are keen to focus on presentation will find that there is a great deal of support. With a range of organisational options and different pricing structures in place, this is a reliable service for many firms.

Vertical Response

As the name suggests, Vertical Response offers a range of services which go beyond just email marketing. The firm offers a price per email structure, which is great for some clients and not ideal for others. The firm also provides social media assistance, surveys and event marketing support.


Emma utilises a drag and drop design, making it very easy to use. This means inexperienced users will be able to create stylish emails that look professional. There is no contract to agree with Emma and the company offers a competitive range of prices.

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