Campaign Spotlight: CASE – Free Your Camera, Free Your Idea


We had a chance to speak to Oliver Sun of Cheering Tech company about their campaign CASE: Free Your Camera, Free Your Idea. Take a look at the Q&A session.

Give us a brief background about yourself (education, employment etc)

 I’m a Senior Engineer in World Fortune 500 companies. I studied at University of Minnesota from 2009 to 2011.

Where are you from


Tell us a little bit about Cheering Tech.

Cheering Tech is a start-up, and CASE is our featured product. CASE is a lighter, smaller, easier and smarter wireless camera controller, enables you to wirelessly control DSLR through your mobile devices.


What is your campaign seeking to do?

We have finished CASE prototype. Our campaign is looking to raise money for the production of CASE.

Are there any other team members?

Yes. Our team members include:

Oliver Sun, CEO of Cheering Tech. Benito He, Principle Engineer. Hang Li, Design Director. Tao Wu, Technical Adviosr and Jeremy Schulkin of The Crowdfund Boutique, Campaign promotion agency.

When did you begin your campaign?

Our indiegogo campaign started on Feb. 12

When is your campaign scheduled to end?

Our campaign is scheduled to end on April 13

How many people have you so far attracted?

We have attracted 80 contributors.

How much money have you so far collected?

We currently collected $4,583

How much money are you seeking to collect at the end of your campaign?


How do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

We will reward CASE to the contributors with great discount.

Why did you select Indiegogo as your preferred crowdfunding platform as opposed to others?

We choose indiegogo because it’s a famous crowdfunding platform with international influence, perfect for us.

Does Indiegogo help you in any way with your campaign? (Help promote your campaign to its members etc)

Indiegogo uses an algorithm that determines page ranking. We have been lucky enough to be higher up on the pages due to traffic and amount of funders. People can find us on the second page under “Hot Perks”.

How do you pay Indiegogo for running your campaign on their platform?

There will be a 4% fee taken off at the end if we hit the target.

How have you promoted your campaign?

We have our own marketing group to do the promotion job. In addition, we have worked with The Crowdfund Boutique to do much of the advertising, promotion.

What have been most challenging about running your campaign?

The biggest challenges are getting your campaign out there and having people see it. CASE is a solid product. Every 20 visitors watching our youtube video will contribute us.

What has been most rewarding about your campaign?

Accomplishing our goal and seeing how many people were truly interested in our product! CASE is a dream of us, and we believe it is also a dream of photography community.

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to tell us?

We got a lot of comments and suggestions from photographers and backers. Many of the comments and suggestions are great. Please comment us any idea you think great for CASE. We will carefully think about it. CASE may be the shape just as you want. Let’s design CASE together!

Thanks Cheering Tech Compa

You can visit CASE’s Indiegogo campaign page to support their efforts. Also be sure to visit their Facebook page. You can also get them on Twitter or Google +. To get a brief demonstration of what CASE is all about, watch their Youtube video.

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