Campaign Spotlight: Atlas – The First Fitness Tracker that Actually Tracks Your Workout

Peter Li

Over recent years, Waearable technology has quickly gained popularity to become the new fad when it comes to technology. So it was a great pleasure to Peter Li of Atlas Wearables about their campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for their new invention, an Atlas fitness tracker. Take a look at what he had to say.

Peter, Give us a brief background about yourself (education, employment etc)

I studied for a B.S./M.S.E. Biomedical Engineering program  at the Johns Hopkins University (’13)

Where is Atlas wearables located?

We are located in Austin, Texas, United States of America

Are there any other team members?

We have three full-time staff members and four contractors.


Atlas Wearables Founders

What is the name of your campaign on Indiegogo?

Atlas: The First Fitness Tracker that Actually Tracks Your Workout (Link:

Give us some description about your project

Current fitness trackers are just glorified spedometers. Atlas is a wearable device that tracks and identifies your different activities, evaluates your form, counts your reps and sets and calculates the calories you burned. It’s so accurate that it can even tell the difference between a regular push-up and a triangle push-up.


Mmh… interesting. And what is your campaign seeking to do?

Our campaign has raised the funds we need to take Atlas from our current prototype to a device with an on-screen display. Thanks to our backers, we raised additional strech goal funds to provide an additional app integration with our device and make it 50-100m water resistant.

When did you begin your campaign?

we began  on January 7th, 2014

When is your campaign scheduled to end?

March 8th, 2014, 11:59 p.m. PT

How many people have you so far attracted?

We have 3000+ backers, 5000+ on our email list and thousands of followers on our social media sites.

Wow, impressive! And how much money have you so far collected?

We have raised over $500,000 in our Indiegogo campaign.

How do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

Our initial backers receive special pre-order pricing on Atlases and will be the first recipients of the Atlases produced later this year. For supporters beyond our backers, we provide relevant and entertaining information on social media regarding fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Why did you select Indiegogog as your platform of choice as opposed to other crowdfunding platforms?

We decided Indiegogo was the best fit for us because of their focus on customer service and success. Our primary contact there has hopped on the phone with us multiple times and answers most emails within an hour or two. We really consider him part of Team Atlas.

Does Indiegogo help you in any way with your campaign? (Help promote your campaign to its members etc)?

One of our highest sales days was when Atlas was featured on the Indiegogo email list.  Indiegogo also provides substantial analytics about our campaign traffic, sources, conversions and referrals, all of which help us make better decisions about how to grow our campaign.

How do you pay the platform for running your campaign on their platform?

For our type of campaign, Indiegogo receives 4% of the funds raised.

How have you promoted your campaign? (social media, paid advertising, email marketing to members of the platform and your contacts, press releases, blogs and websites etc)

We are very active on social media, especially on Facebook and Twitter.  Also, other supporters and backers have graciously mentioned us in their email lists, blogs, websites, etc.  We worked with T-3 for our promotional video and various other aspects, including Facebook Ads.

\What have been the most challenging thing about running your campaign?

We like to be immediate and transparent with our responses to our backers. But, even though it’s one of the most rewarding parts of our time, keeping constant communication with that in mind has been challenging.

What has been most rewarding about your campaign?

Having these communication channels with our backers has been great. We learn so much about what they value and what matters to them. We’ve even adjusted some of our campaign stretch goals and opened up voting so they can choose what they would like from Atlas.

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to tell us?

We have been very fortunate in the level of support we’ve received from our mentors, both before and during the campaign. The overwhelming turnout and engagement from our backers has really inspired us to work even harder to deliver an amazing product for them.  When we send out surveys, upwards of 50% respond and over 600 people volunteered for our Atlas Champions Team to amplify our marketing efforts.

From a tools perspective, we live in Google and Indiegogo’s analytics and we have found Zendesk to be helpful in answering emails and managing our Facebook page.

Do you have any social media accounts your fans can follow you at?

Yes, we have several.

Facebook –

LinkedIn –

Twitter –

Google Plus –

Blog –

Also, here are some video links:

Actually Track Your Workout with Atlas:
Atlas Hardware Battlefield:
Atlas Wearables Interview with GeekBeat TV:

Thanks Peter Li for answering our questions. We wish Peter and Atlas Wearables all the best with their campaign and with the production of Atlas wearable. Please visit their Indiegogo campaign page and contribute towards their project.

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