Campaign spotlight: EmoSPARK – First A.I Home Console featured on Indiegogo

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We had a chance to talk to Patrick Rosenthal of Emoshape company, about their amazing campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for their new invention emoSPARK, an artificial intelligence home console. Take a look at what he had to say.

What is the name of your campaign?

EmoSPARK – First A.I Home Console

what is it about?

We are a startup company (Emoshape LTD) and EmoSPARK is one of our featured products. Basically what we have done is  created an in-home artificial intelligence cube for the average person.

02.25.14_technewsrprt_img_stories_greg-rusley_emospark 2Where are you based?

We are based in London, England

Apart from you, are there any other team members?

Our team members include: Patrick Rosenthal CEO of Emoshape. Peter Robinson, video director. Daniel, Online marketing strategist and Jeremy Schulkin of The Crowdfund Boutique which is the promotion agency behind the campaign.

You are currently runnig a campaign on the popular crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.What is your campaign seeking to do?

We are looking to raise the funds to enter the production phase for EmoSPARK

When did you begin your campaign?

We launched the campaign on January 2nd 2014.

When is your campaign scheduled to end?

On March 3rd 2014

How many people have you so far attracted?

So far we have 706 contributors and 855 people following our campaign.

How much money have you so far collected?

We have currently collected $159,113

How much money are you seeking to collect by the end of your campaign?

Our goal was 100,000 dollars.

Wow, Amazing! to attract donations, do you reward those who contribute to your campaign?

People are contributing to our campaign in order to obtain an EmoSPARK, or two or three!

There are many crowdfunding platforms out there, why did you select Indiegogog as your platform of choice as opposed to the others?

We chose Indiegogo because we believed it was the best fit for what we were trying to accomplish.

Does Indiegogog help you in any way with your campaign? (Help promote your campaign to its members etc)

Indiegogo uses an algorithm that determines page ranking. We have been lucky enough to be higher up on the pages due to traffic and amount of funders.

How do you pay Indiegogo for running your campaign on their platform?

There is a 4% fee taken off at the end.

How have you promoted your campaign? (social media, paid advertising, email marketing, press releases, blogs and websites etc)?

We have paid The Crowdfund Boutique to do much of the advertising, promotion.

What has been most challenging thing about running your campaign?

The biggest challenges are getting your campaign out there and having people see it. We know we have a great product but it is difficult to get others to believe in you.

And what has been most rewarding thing about your campaign?

Accomplishing our goal and seeing how many people were truly interested in our product!

Any other information about your campaign or project you would like to share with our readers?

We are excited to see where we go from here as our campaign ends in 8 days. We are ready to move forward! Please share with anyone and everyone!

Any social media accounts we can follow for more updates?

You can check out ouf Facebook page at

Thank you so much for your time. We wish you all the best with the production of EmoSPARK and look forward to seeing it on the market.

You can support EmoSPARK on Indiegogo at

Here is a link to a brief video explaining how it all works.[/video


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