4 Top Apps For Managing Your Energy From Your Smartphone

It seems that energy costs are constantly in the news these days. Crippling price rises are leaving families struggling to heat and light their homes, and the issue has become something of a political hot potato.  In the search for more affordable energy, householders can compare energy suppliers and choose the cheapest for their needs. There is also the option of increasing the energy efficiency of the home through insulation, double glazing and a variety of other energy saving measures. Unfortunately, too many people stick with the same electricity supplier or continue to live in homes that perpetually waste energy. In some cases, this is down to apathy; however, it is often because people view these issues as complex and confusing. But thanks to these 4 clever energy management apps, the processes involved can be greatly simplified.



This innovative and easy-to-use app is available on iTunes, and it allows householders to monitor the energy usage of everyday household appliances. It will monitor the number of kilowatt-hours appliances use, and it can calculate the monthly and yearly cost of running them. There are more than 100 appliances already programmed into the app, but the user can choose to create new appliances that match their own more closely. This very useful app allows householders to identify energy guzzling appliances, and it provides usage comparisons on different brands – allowing the user to purchase the most energy-efficient appliance according to their projected usage. Snapt App In order to persuade householders to switch their energy suppliers more often, a team of developers came up with the ingenious Snapt app. The user simply takes a photo of their latest energy bill, and the app communicates directly with a comparison website to find the cheapest electricity or gas supplier according to the bill’s specific information. Several reviews on iTunes claim an annual saving of more than £150

Alert Me

The Alert Me app works in conjunction with Google’s free Power Meter service, and it gives householders real-time information on how much energy a property is consuming. There is a selection of customisable reports to choose from, and the app also displays the associated costs of energy usage. Users can store historical information as well – allowing them to monitor the ongoing performance of energy efficiency measures and make changes where necessary.

Meter Readings

Available on Apple, Windows and Android smartphones, Meter Readings is a simple, user-friendly app that helps people to control their energy bills. The user must enter meter readings, and the app produces graphs and a range of statistics on energy use. This innovative app also allows householders to monitor the energy costs of other homes in the area – providing vital information to anyone thinking about switching their provider. Meter Readings then helps householders to make that switch if cheaper energy tariffs are available. Energy costs are rising, and it is likely they will continue to rise for several years to come. However, by monitoring their weekly energy usage and comparing different tariffs with these energy apps, householders can keep their fuel bills as low as possible. Martin John is a tech blogger and consumer services analyst. He provides commentary on tech products and brings them to the attention of relevant groups of consumers.

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