Top mobiles for gaming in 2014

With every year comes better and better technology and this is no more apparent than in the phone market as the power at which phones can produce has become more and more incredible over the years allowing them to play better and better games for many people. This is one the main reasons why people upgrade their phone is often and so here is a list of some of those you should definitely check out this year.


HTC are creating the HTC One 2 this year and it is no doubt going to be a fantastic phone just like its predecessor HTC One. For everyone who enjoys gaming the new phone will have a quad core processor running at 2.3 GHz meaning that you can play just about anything you ever want to on the phone. This mean that you will be able to play games at sites such as online casino Australia. However not much more is known about it.

Another interesting phone is the Nokia Lumia 929 as it is a phone that does not directly compete with the android or iPhone phones as it is on the Microsoft platform that has been largely ignored by the majority of people. However this phone is definitely competitive will play every game you can throw at it while having a 20 megapixel camera as well.

One of the most interesting ideas that phone companies have come up with this year has come out of the two Korean companies Samsung and LG. This is because they are both gone for comfort in the hand meaning that gaming will be even more comfortable when doing it for a long time on a phone. The way in which they done this though slightly different as the LG Flex has a bend in the body going horizontally across the centre, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Round has a bend that goes vertically down the middle of the phone instead. No one can tell what year which phone will be more comfortable in the hand as whoever gets it right will create a phone much more comfortable for gaming with.

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