Discover the importance of school CCTV

Most places that you go will now have CCTV cameras installed, and this is because they are such a massive help in terms of security. CCTV cameras can be used to identify criminals and trespassers, but more importantly they also deter these people as they should know they will be caught on camera. On top of this, CCTV cameras are also set up to look out for people – for example if somebody were to fall down a stairwell but no one else was around then somebody watching the CCTV screen would be able to help them. As you can see, these cameras are a massive help and it is important that they are set up in places such as homes, offices, schools, shops, construction sites and so on.


CCTV effectively gives you another set of eyes, and if you need to you can go back and watch recorded footage – when you have this set up around a premises it means you’ll be able to enjoy complete surveillance and protection at all times. As well as this, it gives you and everyone else the peace of mind of knowing that these cameras are in place as they will stop anybody doing something that they shouldn’t. School use is a good example – this is a place where they are used to protect the students as well as the teachers in a number of ways.

They protect the students in that they can stop bullying from occurring and identify who is doing the bullying; they can also protect the students if there is somebody on site who shouldn’t be and they also protect them if there is an injury or accident to be dealt with. The teachers are protected from abuse from the students, and these cameras can also be helpful to see if students are skipping school or doing something that they shouldn’t be doing.

As you can see, school CCTV serves many different functions and helps to protect everyone on site and stop people from getting up to no good, and that is why so many schools are now having complete systems set up in corridors and recreational areas onsite. If you are a head teacher and you currently do not have access to a CCTV system then it is something that you should seriously consider, as it is for the best for everyone and can make a big difference to the security of your school. It is of course hoped that

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