Your Telephone Need not Be a Nuisance

Your first reaction when the phone rings should be anticipation, positive anticipation. In recent years that has not always been the case because of the increasing use of the telephone by sales and marketing companies who ring unsolicited in the hope that their cold calls can result in business. It is nothing to do with the telephone companies because directories have made your number available to all. All too frequently you go to the phone to see that the number has been withheld. Even if you don’t answer, the automatic redial facility that the marketers might have will mean the call will come again. 

BT Services 

It is 30 years since telephone privatisation but BT still holds a prominent place in the industry despite the competition. Many subscribers still use BT for their telephone needs and it has a service that claims it can rid you of up to 80% of all nuisance calls. You will be in control of which calls you want to accept and which you want to block, not just at the time, but in the future. If for example someone is withholding their number there must be a reason so why should you bother with them? At the same time you can create your own VIP List of numbers that will always get through immediately.

The same package provides a number of other services and allows you to leave a series of messages and arrange call diverting. The whole object is to provide you with a convenient service that suits you and not others. There is though an obvious question. Why can it only block 80% of nuisance calls and isn’t it a fairly laborious way to do it if you are doing it as an individual rather than getting help from elsewhere?

Better options

If you want to know where to go for advice on how to stop unwanted phone calls then perhaps you should look to the Internet which has become the first place to go for any information. You will be able to find a system that can block those nuisance calls far more effectively; and quickly. If you buy into a system that has already built into it numbers that have been identified by others as nuisance callers then they will not be bothering you. If everyone that is part of the system is blocking any nuisance call and each one is automatically added to your own blocked number list, then the blocking ability far exceeds the 80% offered from BT.


Just think for a minute. How will any nuisance call get through if the first time it is used to ring you the caller has to press a button to confirm the call is coming from a friend? Yes, you’re right the caller could lie and will get through. It will be for the one and only time as the number will then be blocked from everyone in the system. There is a one off inconvenience then silence; except for the calls you want to receive from numbers you have already agreed can get through immediately.

Image attributed to  Stuart Miles

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