5 Mobile Game Apps To Look Forward To In 2014

The new year always brings a lot of new excitement and innovations in technology. The hugely successful app market will also have a lot of new apps to be excited about this year.

Gaming apps are especially popular and here are five of the biggest mobile game apps to look forward to in 2014.

1. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


The online gaming giant Blizzard is going to publish a mobile game this year. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a card game that allows the players to combat against other players or the computer. This app will be free to play and looks to be a good game for adults and children both.

The game has been in beta testing on PC computers and has proved to be a greatly popular already. It is expected that the mobile game version is set to become another success story for the company.

2. Boom Beach

The Finnish app supergiant Supercell may have sold a large part of the company to Japanese companies but they are still producing new games. The Clash Of Clan creators are bringing out a new mobile game called Boom Beach.

The game looks to be a lot like their previous hit and thus for people who love that genre, this might end up being a big hit. There are plenty of similar games out in the market however so it is unclear how well it will do. But for fans this is a must have game.

3. Scrolls

Scrolls is a highly anticipated game because of the success of Mojang’s previous game. Minecraft is widely regarded as one of the best games in recent history and so Scrolls has a lot to live up to.

It is a card game that also combines some board game type of action. The game has been in beta test on the PC like Hearthstone but it is thought to become available on mobile devices as well later this year.

4. Monument Valley

For puzzle lovers there are plenty of exciting games to keep an eye out for. Monument Valley is one such game and could prove to be a big hit this year. The graphics are stunning in this game and it can be a really addictive game to play too.

You are in charge of twisting and changing the surroundings to create new pathways. It might only be available on iPad though but hopefully the company would explore cross platform opportunities to let more people enjoy the game.

5. Tales From The Borderlands

The last game on the list is thought to become available on mobile devices but there are still a lot of questions over when and on what platform this game will be released. It is based on the popular console game Borderlands 2 and thus there should be a good market for this game.

There isn’t going to be as much looting and shooting as the console game in this one. The creators are aiming at a more adventure type of game that might see some puzzle solving as well.

James Ollie loves games. He is constantly testing new console or mobile games but he also likes to play different board games. When he isn’t playing something with his friends and family he likes to go cycling.

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