Why Small Businesses Need to Keep Up with Mobile Marketing


To some small business owners, mobile marketing might sound like a practice that’s best left to bigger organizations with an expansive marketing department. After all, small businesses do fine thanks to word-of-mouth and traditional advertising, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. Consumers are relying more and more on smartphones and Google searches to connect them to local businesses, and if you haven’t put together a mobile marketing campaign yet, you’re losing out or even driving potential customers to your competitors. These days, businesses of all sizes need to embrace mobile marketing if they want to survive.

Why exactly is mobile marketing so important? Here are a few ways you may be losing out if your business isn’t mobile-friendly.

Consumers want to learn about your business easily—on any platform. You can’t just assume that your target customers are going to be sitting down at a computer to view your website or emails. They could very well be using a tablet or a smartphone, and if your website and emails don’t load quickly or display clearly on the device they’re using, they’ll dismiss your business. In fact, 70% of smartphone users will delete an email if it doesn’t display well on their mobile device.

When you send an email determines its success rate. Don’t make the mistake of sending emails to your target customers at whatever time you think of it. 23.6% of emails are opened within an hour of sending, but if you send out emails on the weekend or late at night, your message is more likely to get lost in the consumer’s inbox.

Demographics matter. You may already have some sense of what people you should be targeting, but are you actually paying attention to demographics when it comes to mobile marketing? Knowing that 80% of millennials own a cell phone and tend to open emails on these devices, or that women click links within emails 10% more than men, are just a few examples of the kind of stats that can help you formulate a successful marketing plan.

There’s more to the mobile world than iPhones. Sure, a lot of people own iPhones, but those aren’t the only mobile devices on the market. In fact, while 46% of all web and email views are from iPhones, 28% are from Androids and 25% are from iPads. If your website and emails aren’t optimized to display well on all these platforms, you’ll lose a big segment of your potential customers.

Consumers want to be able to quickly take action. Patience is not necessarily a virtue for consumers. 61% of users will leave a mobile site if they don’t see what they’re looking for immediately, and they’ll also jump ship if making a purchase is confusing or requires too many clicks. Ease-of-use is key when it comes to mobile marketing.

Want to learn more about what makes a mobile marketing campaign unsuccessful—and how to avoid making those mistakes yourself? Check out this infographic from ReachMail.

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