Microsoft fall victim of Syrian Electronic Army hacking schemes


Syrian Electronic Army has hijacked Microsoft’s official verified Twitter account.

The pro-Assad hacker group last week stole its way into Microsoft’s Skype voice and video over IP (VoIP) and chat service.

Over the weekend, the group took over the Xbox and @MSFTnews Twitter accounts, posting a flag and the note that it “was here”, a common calling card.

In another tweeted message it added, “Don’t use Microsoft emails (hotmail,outlook),They are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments. #SEA @Official_SEA16.”

In another message the group released an email from Microsoft staff about the attack as it was happening. This suggests that it used the time that Microsoft spent reacting to the Twitter takeover to attack the company’s email system.

The hacker group also made its way into Microsoft blogs, taking over a Technet blog and redirecting users to its protest page. It also posted in the news announcements that most IE users search for Chrome and Firefox.

Other high-profiled targets include BBC Twitter account, Huffington Post, Fox News, the Telegraph and the Associated Press.the report said.

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