Is the Apple iPhone 5C a failure?
iPhone 5C Price In India

Apple iPhone 5C

Apple let many users down when it announced the iPhone 5C. Everyone was waiting for an affordable iPhone targeted at emerging markets, but what they got instead was a device that had the same internal hardware as the iPhone 5, but with a polycarbonate shell. Considering the high cost, it is no wonder, then, that the Apple iPhone 5C price in India is currently at Rs. 38,199. For this amount, you can get a high-end Android handset. Being affordable was something that no iDevice has managed to do thus far, but for the first time, it feels like Apple has chosen convenience in favour of innovation when it comes to the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5C Is Designed To Give Apple More Profit

Apple is no stranger to selling its devices for a huge profit. The iPhone 5C epitomises this to a large extent. The device costs $173 to manufacture, and is selling for at least $350 more. In countries like India, the iPhone 5C price is at $620 (Rs. 37,999) for the 16 GB version. The iPhone 5C costs less to make than the iPhone 5, which was at $205. And considering that the device has the same internal hardware as the iPhone 5, there isn’t much that needs to change at the assembly and procurement stages to build the device.

For the first time, Apple has taken a leaf out of Samsung’s book with the iPhone 5C in that it used existing hardware and packaged it in a new chassis. It is not as bad as what Samsung does, however, as the iPhone 5C does come with world LTE bands. That alone still does not justify the high asking price of the device.

Apple iPhone 5C Bill Of Materials

Apple iPhone 5C Bill Of Materials

The iPhone 5C Can Still Manage To Accrue Strong Sales

Several analyst estimates indicated that the iPhone 5S was outselling the iPhone 5C three to one during the launch weekend, and that the trend has continued since then. That number is in fact higher outside the U.S., with the iPhone 5S outselling the 5C by a factor of ten in some countries. But that in itself is not the basis for judging the success of the iPhone 5C.

The iPhone 5S is a flagship device that comes with a lot of attractive new features, like the Touch ID sensor and a 64-bit processor. As such is bound to attract a lot of consumer attention. However, the iPhone 5C is aimed at individuals seeking something different from the norm. So, it doesn’t make much sense to brand the iPhone as a failure so soon in its life cycle.

While sales have been slow for the 5C, Apple’s deal with China Mobile might just be the catalyst that was needed. China Mobile is the world’s largest carrier, and has more subscribers than the total number of mobile subscribers in the U.S. Apple is considering providing additional deals for consumers on China Mobile in a bid to lure more users.

Traditionally, users in China tend to use devices with large screens, but there is a strong association with Apple and its products. And for the first time, China Mobile subscribers are eligible to buy an iPhone. The devices go on sale starting January 17, and analyst estimates are at somewhere around 18 to 20 million device sales. While iDevices were available on other carriers and are frequently some of the best-selling devices in the country, their availability on the largest carrier in the world will undoubtedly be a significant boost.

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Written by Asif Iqbal Shaik

Asif Iqbal Shaik is a Consumer Electronics Expert with MySmartPrice, which is the best price comparison website in India. He is a computer sciences graduate and has been closely following consumer electronics space from last 6 years. He also is a technology blogger for the past 3 years.