5 iPad Apps to help you Save Money and Manage Debt

Apps which have become very popular on smartphones and tabs are also equally popular on iPads. These apps are useful for the people in various ways. A number of apps are present nowadays for many reasons and useful for people even when they are travelling. The reason for the popularity of these apps is because people can access them anytime, anywhere and also makes a person remain in their budget.


  1. Home budget

This app is designed for the people to help them track their money and to continuously monitor where the money is being spent. This app has become quite useful for many people to maintain a fixed budget for their home. The list present on the left hand side is used to enter all the details. But one limitation with this app is that it is bit hard for a layman to use it. Also it does not let you add another payee, like other similar apps.

  1. iCompta 2 personal finance

This app is very to use and is also found to be a powerful one. With this app, one can easily start adding transactions instantly after downloading the app. The scheduler present in this app makes it easy to glance at the list which shows all your expenses in one glimpse. It also has a budgeting feature in it. The information in this app can be backed up using Wi –fi. Also all your financial information in this app is private, owing to its password protected feature.

  1. Money

This is an advanced version of the ‘Checkbook HD’ app developed from the same company. Its features include a calendar that will let you know what your transactions are. With this app, you also come to know of the timing of your salary, and paying off bills. It includes budgeting features along with having reporting capabilities. All your data can be synchronized with this app to the operating system. This app can be purchased at a price of $19.99.

  1. Pocket Money

Available at the price of $4.99, this app allows a user to open multi transactions and accounts at one time. It provides features of spending, budgets, and offering split transactions. You are available to get charts as well as graphs on this app. The app also has colourful themes.

  1. xPense Tracker

This app is totally manual but is quite easy to use and comprehend. With this, you can track all your expenses with ease. The user also gets the feature of setting many reports through this app. It is available at a cost of $2.99. The app is also loaded with a photo receipt feature. The daily expenses of the user in this app can easily be sorted on the basis of per day option, category as well as payment option. Mailing your transaction reports via wireless connection is all the easier.

Read more about these apps on debt relief and get detailed information on the pros and cons of each and every app.  If you want to learn more details please visit managing credit cards .

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Written by Lucy Collins

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