Common Misconceptions About Online File Sharing Sites

File sharing sites are not understood properly by most people from around the world. That is due to the fact that we only use them in order to send files, photographs or videos to friends as email restrictions force us to look for alternatives. The problem is that there are many cases in which you need to use a high quality service since the documents that you are about to send are very important. In this case, you need to choose properly.

The misconceptions appear as people do not know much about technical aspects that are connected to the use of the internet. In order to help you choose high quality services like ShareFile and avoid the low quality services, let us dismiss the most common misconceptions that we see at the moment.

  1. Free Services Are The Same As Paid Services

Most business users that use free services do so due to the fact that they see all file hosting services as being created equal. That is not the case and the only difference is never just the restriction you see associated with file size or bandwidth. Before you agree to any deal you find on the internet, make sure that you look at all the features that are included and pay close attention to the guarantees that are offered.

  1. Files Are Always Secured

In theory, every single file that you transfer through the file sharing services is protected. After all, only the receiver will have access, correct? Well, this happens only in the event that the file sharing/hosting company you work with does its work properly. There are always ways to trace online transfers and when the connections are not properly processed, you can end up with security breaches. Make sure that the company you choose is specialized in securing your files properly. If you sign a contract, it needs to include clear mentions of the security that is offered.

  1. You Need To Use FTP To Transfer Files Securely

This is actually a misconception that can backfire on you really fast. One thing that you might not understand is that FTP is actually not the most secured way to transfer files. Whenever you leave a door that is open to your house, a burglar can come in. The same thing goes with uploading files to a server. Through FTP, if the connection is not properly secured, it is just as you are leaving the door open to your files. We are sure that you do not want others to gain access so be sure that you avoid FTP.

  1. Virtual Data Rooms Are Just Scams

This is the last misconception that we want to talk about but it is not one that is not important. It is something that is especially true when referring to business users. The virtual data room is currently the most secured online file sharing service that is meant for companies in need to have online working environments. The security that is normally offered is a lot stronger than with other options available.

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Written by famous.blogger