Five Crucial Anti Hacker Apps Just For Your Iphone Device


Across the world hackers are always leaking lots of information from mobile devices especially those from Apple, showing how important it is to get yourself an anti-hacker app. Your mobile data and applications must always remain safe, and security is a necessity and not an option. Prying eyes are always trying to find their way into your iPhone either through new or already installed apps, via updates or simply through an SMS message or email. Even the downloads you are always engaged in via your top-notch Apple device could be exposing you to serious risks. The authorities might not be there to protect you from losing your information online or even your device but through the right apps you can do so on your own.

Splash ID

Most people keep their numbers and codes in text or excel files somewhere but you do not have to. This app can help to keep all the passwords you have secured right within the mobile platform. The app can also be protected via a password although you must never forget the main password.

Firewall IP

This app is important and offers personalized firewall protection for all iPhone devices by blocking outgoing connections especially if your iOS device has been jailbroken. The iPhone is always secured in a unique way; you can create policies on protection as well as blocking certain connections and content.


You might have realized your iPhone has a lot of your personal information and thus should never be cracked by thieves. To offer you the help you need in ensuring this does not happen, GadgetTrak application comes in handy, especially if someone has stolen your new iPhone gadget and has sold it somewhere. The app comes with a locator accessed from a PC and even allows you to snap a photo of the thief who has taken the gadget.

Lookout Mobile Security

Apart from being available for Android and Windows Phone platforms, this app is a little bit different for iOS devices. It warns the user of the device about connecting to networks that are not secure while checking updates automatically for the gadget. If you would like to have your phone data wiped out, the app is capable of doing this while tracking the device thief in case he or she is intending to sell the iPhone.

McAfee Wave Secure-iOS Edition

This app does not offer an anti-malware feature but provides a rather different approach to mobile security for your iPhone. Once you have installed it, all your files will be backed up, something that takes place periodically and stored on a web portal for future usage just in case the device is rendered unusable. It is also possible to remotely lock the iPhone and to remove information from the device in case it has been hacked into or stolen.

Rather than sell your iPhone device due to security threats or letting a thief run away with your device, these apps together with a bunch of others can help to protect your device, catch the thief and ensure your mobile security is assured.


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