Three Ways to Personalize Marketing Automation


Marketing automation lets you tailor communications with small customer segments to generate more leads and increase conversion rates. Add a personal touch to your messages to take your marketing automation to the next level.

Here are three ways to add human interaction to your marketing automation efforts:

Email + Phone

Pick up the phone and call your customers to follow up on emails you send. The travel company Expedia dedicated resources to follow up on email blasts with phone calls to those customers who clicked on a link in the email. Travel agents called subscribers the day after to answer any questions and nurture the sale. Expedia saw an 81 percent increase in the number of booked trips.

After-Sale Support

Send helpful resources to customers the day after they purchase something from your site. Conductor sends its new Searchlight software customers an email a week for the first eight weeks after their purchase. The emails contain links to tips and webinars that explain how to best use and maximize the power of the platform. This helpful gesture adds after-sales support with a touch of personalization.

Social Media

Use an intelligent marketing automation tool to sift through all of the noise in social media and pinpoint exactly who you should talk to one-on-one. Buying Signals help brands identify those customers who are actively seeking information about a product or service on social media so that the brand can reach out directly to help nurture the sale. This type of interaction lets customers know that you’re paying attention to them and their needs.

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