Top Fears Derailing Your Video Marketing Campaign

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Seasoned online veterans who never placed their hat in the video marketing ring tend to be terrified of creating videos so most newbies are beyond cared to hop behind a camera for the first time. 2 specific fears seem to hurt video marketers more than any other 2 frights associated with creating videos.

If you can conquer these fears expect to generate steady video traffic, expand your brand awareness, build a popular video channel and become a video icon. Tackle your fears by follow a few practicable, usable tips that can propel you to a successful video marketing campaign.

Admit to yourself you that fear creating videos for these 2 reasons and you will have taken the first steps to conquering these lower energies.

Fearing How You Appear on Video

Even someone who has basically defeated their self-conscious tendencies shivers at the thought of shooting videos for the first time. Seeing yourself from a third person perspective can be a humbling experience. Factor in the idea that video adds 10 pounds or more to your current weight and you might just forget to shoot videos all together. This would be a massive mistake since video marketing is the wave of the content creation future.

Self conscious fears about your appearance stem from how you perceive others view you. You are not as much afraid with how you view yourself than you are with how others view you. Get over yourself by understanding that some people will vibe with your appearance and some people will not like your appearance whether you are on video or meeting them live, in person. Accept the fact that you will appear different on video than you do in real life.

Practicing in front of the camera helps you to get over these self conscious fears quickly. Shoot at least 2 videos weekly to conquer this fear and reach out to your target audience.

Fearing How You Sound on Video

Hearing your voice on video for the first time can put shivers down your spine. You tend to sound a bit mechanical and your tone might appear to be way of if you have never listened to your voice being recorded by some device. Embrace your third person video perspective or you might just throw in the towel on your campaign before you ever get started.

You might sound nasally or whiny or your voice might appear to be too low for a woman but no matter your fear most people will not tune into these tendencies because most viewers are hearing you for the first time on video. Unless you are a world-renowned public speaker who has addressed thousands of people in person few will know what you sound like in person. If you are a world renowned public speaker chances are that your fans could care less if you sound differently on video as opposed to being in person.

The important point is to gain a level of comfort with hearing yourself on video. Practicing makes better and also helps you embrace your voice on video until hearing your presentation becomes normal.

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