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App Spotlight: GrowSocial


We had a chance to talk to Mathias Opdal Weseth, founder of PushApp about their new app . Take a look at the Q&A session.

Please tell us a bit about PushApp.

PushApp is a small Italian app factory, a collective of designers, developers, SEO specialists, creatives and communication experts. The company is specialized in creating, designing and developing iOS and Android apps.

What about you? What do you do? Your education background?

I am a 15 years old Norwegian secondary school student living in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway, so I have no premier education. I have had several small jobs, like paperboy, social media marketer and book reviewer.

Next summer I am starting at high school, and I hope I can get in at the Law & Business studies. My dream is first to work hard as an attorney, then to start my own business, maybe in the Law or Financial sector.

Wow, that’s impressive. Do you have any social media accounts people can look you up at?

You can check out my LinkedIn account at

What is the name of your App?

It is called GrowSocial


Is GrowSocial a free or paid App?

Free, offers in app purchases

What type of App is it? (web based, Native App etc)

Web Based

What is the category of the App? (social networking, entertainment, productivity, sports, Travel etc)

Social Networking

What Platform is the App based upon (Android, iOS, Windows 7, BlackBerry etc)

It is iOS based

When was GrowSocial created?

Between June and November 2013. It was released on the 12th of November 2013

Is there anyone who helped you design the app?

Yes, there is Ottavio Sgrosso and Ivan Paudice – members of PushApp

Dylan Evans and Milan Van den Bovenkamp – members of SellAnApp

Describe GrowSocial in 50 words or so.

GrowSocial helps you get more followers on your Twitter and Instagram account, and more likes on your Facebook page. The app is perfect for small business owners, or people who want to become an internet celebrity.

On GrowSocial,  you can create a campaign for your Twitter user, Instagram user or Facebook page. A campaign is the user/page you want to promote. To avoid getting biased followers and likes, you can set criteria for the audience you want to promote your campaign to.

People will start following/liking your campaign because you give away coins. You choose how many coins you want to give away when you create your campaign. You can for example give away two coins to each new follower.


Any other Apps similar to yours?

Instaliker and a few other apps offer the same service for Instagram, but they don’t offer the same service for Facebook and Twitter.

List for us links from which we can download the app

Why should people download your App?

Either if you are a business owner who want to promote your business, or a normal person who wan’t to be noticed on the social networks, this app is the only one on the AppStore which can help you.


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