Is LG G Flex Successor Already in the Works?


LG just unveiled its new smartphone with a flexible display – the LG G Flex and the device is yet to launch globally, but news just in suggest that the giant manufacturer is already working on a successor for the smartphone.

Rumors coming in from South Korea suggest that LG Electronics and LG Display are currently working on a new generation of flexible displays that can be used in smartphones.

The company is said to be in planning stages for mass production of these panels. It is said that these display panels will be flexible enough to flex at 90 degrees and to support that the next generation G Flex will have a body made from a special hard rubber compound.

And not only will this device come with a flexible display; rumors from Korea suggest that the G Flex 2 will have hard rubber chassis that would be capable of “flexing”, or “bending” to a maximum of 90 degrees.  Other flexible parts include the device’s battery, though that is mostly based on speculation; the above reports didn’t say anything specifically about what those parts may be.  LG hasn’t confirmed any plans for a successor to the G Flex, so it would still be a good idea to take everything with a grain of salt.a flexible chassis as well.

Industry sources cited in the report claim that LG G Flex successor is going to be released in the second half of 2014, which means that there’s still a lot of time before this device will officially be unveiled, going by this timeframe that is.

All things considered, devices with flexible displays are still niche gadgets, and may be for the immediate foreseeable future.  But if LG and Samsung make advances in the technology next year, as many are expecting, flexible display technology may be more than just a unique selling point, but rather a common smartphone feature.


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