5 Alternatives To WordPress Or How To Create Awesome Websites For Your Clients In Short Order

Undoubtedly, WordPress is an awesome CMS that can run everything from simple informational blogs to powerful eCommerce websites. However, just because millions use it, it doesn’t mean it’s the optimal choice for you. There are many alternatives to WordPress on the Internet which are by no means inferior to this robust platform. What’s more, some of them even outperform WordPress in many aspects. Learn more details below or read my in-depth website builders reviews.


In a nutshell: uCoz is the most popular site maker in Eastern Europe. It is used both by webmasters and rookies. The system was established in 2005 and is now available in 16 language localizations. It offers ‘turnkey’ website building solutions: all you need for a successful website launch can be found in one place: templates, domains, web hosting, advanced developer’s tools and many more.


Why? The major advantage of uCoz over WordPress is that the system doesn’t require manual updates – it’s updated automatically. Furthermore, uCoz already has a set of inbuilt ‘modules’ and widgets that were developed exclusively for this platform and don’t require manual installation and tedious customization (like WordPress plugins).

Zoho Sites

In a nutshell: Zoho Sites is one of the web services launched by Zoho Corporation, a huge international company developing business and collaboration applications. Their site building project is a brilliant solution for those webmasters who need to create websites that will be easily managed by their customers in future, as it is powered by the extra handy What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get and drag-and-drop tools.


Why? Zoho Sites allow you to make changes both in design and content using simple tools – this means your clients won’t face any difficulties when updating their sites themselves. In addition, they will also get customizable mobile versions of their websites automatically.


In a nutshell: MotoCMS can be a very reasonable substitute for WordPress. Many webmasters use it as their primary tool to create professionally-looking, multi-functional websites for their clients. Just pick one of their effects-rich Flash or HTML templates, customize them, replace default imagery and upload your client’s pictures and logos. When the website is finished just pick a web host, upload your site and go live immediately.


Why? By choosing MotoCMS for your clients, you will provide them with an easy-to-use CMS that requires no coding at all. Besides, it’s a very wallet-friendly solution – using their ready templates you’ll be able to create more websites during the same time period. At the moment they offer 40% off.


In a nutshell: IMCreator site builder will be a lifesaver to those webmasters who prefer designing to coding. IMCreator gives them creative freedom, as its point-and-click tools allow you to make pixel-accurate changes in your website design simply by hovering the mouse, dragging, resizing, modifying and dropping virtual objects (pictures, texts, various forms, buttons, widgets etc.). So, if you feel that your vocation is making websites, but you’re not an HTML guru, IMCreator can be the right tool for you.


Why? IMCreator allows you to use both ready-made solutions or build websites for your clients from scratch directly through your browser, there’s nothing to download and install. When the website is finished your clients will get access to a user-friendly CMS where they will be able to make changes both in design and content using the same easy tools.


In a nutshell: Webydo is a professional web design suite that offers a powerful cloud solution combining a code-free Design Management System and an integrated CMS for your clients. Their DMS offers many advanced tools in an easy-to-use form: you can choose from hundreds of free open-source fonts there, use grid generators as well as design complex forms directly in your browser. You’ll be also able to set such elements’ properties as shadow, fill and stroke.


Why? Besides awesome design-related options, Webydo offers excellent inbuilt management solutions. For instance, you can send invoices to your clients directly through your Webydo dashboard. In addition you can rebrand the whole system using their freshly introduced “Build Your Brand’ solution.


[author] Howard Steele is the editor-in-chief of Superbwebsitebuilders.com, a website covering the latest news in the world of website builders. Feel free to ask Howard for advice – just send him a message via FB or Twitter. [/author]

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