BlackBerry 10.2.1 build to support Google Play Store?


The next BlackBerry 10 update could bring the Google Play Store to BB10 devices like the BlackBerry Z10.

As per screenshots posted on CrackBerry forums, BlackBerry OS build 10.2.1 lets users to install the Android app store and install applications on their phones.

Although not officially confirmed by BlackBerry, it seems a new Android Runtime is expected to be incorporated in the next BB10 build. This will allow the Google Play Store to be installed on BlackBerry 10 devices including the BlackBerry Q10.

This would enable BlackBerry users to get rid of sideloading Android apps on their devices as well as address the major downside of the BB 10 platform, which is the lack of applications.

The BlackBerry 10.2 update started rolling out to users in late October, offering new features like BlackBerry Priority Hub, BlackBerry Natural Sounds and integrated BBM across all apps.

It also introduced an iOS-like notifications lock screen, offering previews of all the emails, texts and other content that comes flooding in.

BlackBerry has yet to announce Google Play compatibility for BlackBerry 10, but we reckon it will be a pretty major event if and when it does.

BlackBerry announced earlier this month that it was no longer looking for a takeover buyer, as the company has secured around $1 billion worth of investment.
We will get back to you as more details surface.


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