Have a complete understanding on the use of Digital pen

Due to the evolution in technology, it is found that there are numerous gadgets and innovations have been introduced in the market. In order to make life easier and convenient, the advanced technology has been introduced to the people. The importance of digital pens has been understood once it is introduced in the market. It has the ability to handle text check boxes, unstructured notes, client signature etc. It is possible to use it for audits, maintenance, surveys and sales visits.


What is a digital pen?

It is an electronic pen that is usually used as normal writing tool and also it is helpful for writing on special digital paper that can save handwritten text to memory. This can further be transferred to PC. There are different variations to digital pen and they offer multiple features which can highly compatible with various other computer operating systems. There are numerous voice recorder pens available that comes along with USB powered and also enable to record audio.

Benefits of digital pen

  • If a company is involved in different paperwork like contracts and agreements, then the digital pen can prove to be of highly beneficial. You can easily store a handwritten signature on pen which can also be transformed to digital forms.


  • Record keeping is also easier and it is just because of these pens and it can cut down the need for interdepartmental paper sharing as the employee can store as well as update their files quite easily. The green and eco-friendly benefit is quite evident as it cuts down the need for paper.

There are different kinds of data that should be captured and the data capture method should also be tailored depending on the type of data:

  • Computerized business applications like accounting software captures data through the data entry forms. Operators complete these forms from paper documents or enter the data into system when transaction takes place. POS terminals are also a good example of direct data entry.
  • Paper based correspondence, reports and contracts are the kind of data documents. Data is basically captured in print format like these are created and can scan print document that can be converted into electronic documents.
  • Correspondence can also be electronic in case it is used to create them and in case of word processed correspondence, emails and recorded instant messaging chats. The contracts can conveniently become electronic in case digital signatures are affixed and it is relevant in electronic document setting.

In case of data capture you can also do it from the paper document and it is quite easy if details are bar coded on paper document. Barcode readers will allow you to read the code and then convert it into transaction data along with minimum operator action. It does not matter where the paper documents that to be scanned is large or not, batch scanning needs to be used. Batch scanning includes automated scanning and processing of documents that fed in batch to scanner. You can make use of the advanced technology in your organization so that the work can easily be handled.

Author Bio: Diana Dolson is a talented content writer and in this blog she has focused on the development of the technology. The readers will be aware of data capture and digital pen which are playing a significant role in the present market.

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Written by Lucy Collins