Last Things to Do Before Submission: A Freelance Writer’s Checklist


Life as a freelance writer can be tough. You don’t have a steady paycheck, and you are fighting to be noticed along with dozens of other writers on the same site, and millions across the scope of the world wide web. So when it comes to writing the perfect article, nothing is more important than making sure that it is the best work that you can possibly produce. All too often, good writers let themselves down with simple errors and careless typos. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, look over this handy checklist and make sure that you take care of each of the following in order to provide your best possible work.

 Read it Over

After you have finished writing your article, it can be tempting to try to get rid of it as soon as possible, never having to read it again. However, as you will probably figure out the hard way, this would be a mistake. Proof reading an article a couple of times will bring up a lot of typos and other mistakes that you otherwise would never have seen. After the first time that you finish your article, take a break and go back to it. As well as proofreading, make sure that it is interesting. Ask yourself whether it is something that, objectively, you would want to read. Check the opening paragraph—do you have an interesting and catchy lede?

 Come Up With A Good Headline

The actual content of your article is meaningless if nobody actually reads it. A good headline can be the difference between a couple hundred reads, and a couple thousand. Come up with something eye-catching and interesting, and make use of keywords that people who are interested in this topic would generally search for.

 Have Someone Else Read It

You obviously know what you meant to write, you wrote it! If this is an important piece, have someone else read it. They can check for spelling and grammatical errors, but they can also tell you if it doesn’t make sense, or if they are bored by the content. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you pick someone who you can trust to be one hundred percent honest.

 Check Formatting Guidelines

Before you submit your article, make sure that you have checked the guidelines of the target site. Have you used the correct writing style? Are there any formatting specifications? Do you need to include pictures? Sometimes there will be other formatting requests. If for example, you are submitting something as a PDF, you might have to make sure the formatting and layout is top notch. You can use some page layout software and play around with it until it has the look that you want.

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