Startup Interview with WishBooklet Founder Eric Santos


We had a chance to talk to Eric santos Founder of WishBooklet. Take a look at our Q&A session below.

Tell us a bit about wishBooklet

WishBooklet is the best way for you to get what you really want. WishBooklet is an easy way to share the gifts you want with your friends and family and get them to pitch in to get them for you. Think of it as kickstarter for gifts. On WishBooklet you can easily add items from any online store to your wish list, share this list online, and crowd fund gifts with your friends and family. WishBooklet allows multiple people to crowd fund a gift or just a single individual to purchase a gift. Create wish lists and crowd fund gifts today!

Our customer tends to fit a younger demographic, the 16-25 age group to be specific. We currently have customers in a number of countries worldwide, although the majority of our user-base is from the US. Our customers tend to wish list fashion apparel and consumer electronic gifts.

Where is your startup located? 

We are located at Fresno, CA

When was WishBooklet launched? 

We launched our public beta in July 2013.

Who are the Founders of the startup?

There is two of us: Eric Santos (Hustler) and Erik Montes (Hacker)

Give us a brief background about yourself (education, employment etc)

Eric Santos is a blogger, social media guru, and entrepreneur. Eric is the co-founder and Business Guy at, a gift crowdfunding web-app that makes getting the gifts you really want easy. Eric is the current CEO of Dwibbles and former founder and CEO of Soshowise Inc. Eric received a B.S in Entrepreneurship from CSUF.

For those who would like to learn more about you, are there any social media sites they can visit?  

Yes I do have several.

LinkedIn account –

Twitter Account

Personal Blog    

Great! so, a lot of people have big ideas. What gave you the confidence to actually go after yours?

We recognized a need that wasn’t being met. We came up with a viable solution for this need. We determined this solution was feasible and potential great opportunity to shake up  crowdfunding. So we rolled up our sleeves and started working on getting this big idea to market. We also have complete confidence in our team, which played a big role in us going after this opportunity. It’s always important to have confidence in your team, market, and concept (product) before really going after an idea.

What is the greatest thing about WishBooklet?

The greatest thing about WishBooklet is that it doesn’t only give you a place to store all gifts you want, but it provides a medium for others to pitch in and buy these gifts. The concept of crowdfunding is by no means new as people have been using this for years to fund business and charitable dreams. While those are very good things; what if you just want a really nice pair of shoes or a birthday gift that you really wanted? Instead of trying to get one person to buy it, you list your wish on the app and let your family and friends crowd fund the gift for you. This way you get what you really want and nobody has to pay a ton of money to get it for you.

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

We have recently created a widget that online retailers can place on their products page that allow consumers to crowdfund gifts through WishBooklet, and the retailer gets the money. It’s an easy way for online retailers to get new sales from shoppers who may not have enough money to purchase a gift for themselves, but can now get their friends and family to pitch in and purchase a gift for them.

Please share some specific numbers (funding, revenue, visitors) that highlight your growth.

We are in a public beta. We launched back in July 2013. Since then, we’ve acquired about 150 users and have generated about $250 in aggregate since the launch. In the 3+ months we’ve been live, we’ve experienced about 50% growth month over month.

How do you picture your company in 5 years?

In 5 years we plan to have WishBooklet already changed the way people think about crowdfunding. We plan to still be running WishBooklet in 5 years, although we wouldn’t be surprised if were to be acquired before this time.

What other advice do you have for other entrepreneurs struggling to get started?

Dream Big, Start Small

Please list the social media profiles for your startups (Facebook, Twitter etc)

Facebook Page –

Twitter – –

Are you looking for funding? What do you look for in potential investors?

We have been able to grow WishBooklet without any outside funding thus far. We plan to raise a seed round in the next couple of months. We are a very lean start-up. We are looking for investors and people who believe in our vision. Preferably the former is also the latter. We are also possibly looking into accelerators/incubators. If any investors see this and want to talk, shoot me an email at

Who or what inspires YOU? Role models? Quotes?

I am inspired easily. There are soo many successful and inspirational individuals out there to learn from. Some of the people that inspire me include the late Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.

“A ship is safe in a harbor, but this is not what a ship is built for.”

Thanks Eric for taking time out to talk to us. We wish you and Erik the very best in your journey!

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