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Dell offers to replace laptops that smell like cat pee


Finally some good news for Dell customers, the Texas company has agreed to replace all Dell Latitude 6430u laptops after users complained they smelled like cat urine.

For months users have taken to Dell’s community forum to complain that the Dell Latitude 6430u laptop smells like it was assembled near a litter box. Many in the thread point out that they have had to apologize to their clients when they take out their laptop in front of them while others expressed their frustration with Dell because they have scolded their cats for the odor.\

Dell support technicians initially suggested that users should clean the laptop air vents with compressed air, but users complained that the odour persisted.

According to the company, the smell was not a health hazard but rather something caused by a manufacturing process which has since been changed. “If you order an E6430u now, it will not have the issue,” a senior technical consultant for Dell promised support forum members.

Dell has asked affected Latitude E6430u owners to contact technical support and arrange an exchange for a better smelling unit.

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