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We had a chance to talk to Christian Aberger, developer of creative app Postcard Plus. Take a look at the Q&A session.
Give us a brief background about yourself (education, employment etc)

I have a Master of Physics, Software Development. I am the owner and Senior Developer of a Software Company with 16 employees.

Do you have any personal social media accounts we can learn more about you?

I have a Facebook account –

Where IDIPAP Solutions located?

We are located in Austria, Software Hagenberg.

What is the name of your App?

Postcard Plus

Describe Postcard Plus in 50 words or so.

Postcard Plus is a new App which is created for making postcards and sending them the whole world. But it isn’t like similar apps because you have a postage stamp,  and a picture out of your iPhone on every card. You can choose putting just the picture on the front of the postcard or put it in one of hundreds of templets which are professional designed. On the back of each card you can also write a short text about anything you want to say or holiday greetings as well as signing it with your touchscreen. You don’t have to sign in in the app or give away any personal information like your email address or your name and of course no address will be saved in our database. The App is available for free. So download it – order a postcard and you will never go back to buying a real one because Postcard Plus delivers 100% real postcards which are cheaper, more authentic, personal than usual ones and as well they look awesome with your picture.

When was  Postcard Plus created?

May 2012

Is Postcard Plus a free or paid App?

It’s a free app

What type of App is it? (web based, Native App etc)

It is a native IOS app

What is the category of the App? (social networking, entertainment, productivity, sports, Travel etc)

A travel app

What Platform is the App based upon (Android, iOS, Windows 7, BlackBerry etc)

Right now we are on iOS. We will launch on  Android in a few weeks

What technology did you use to create the App?

We used  XCode on iOS, Java on the Server and printing plant side, Android SDK for the Androis based APP

Were there any challenges in creating the App?

Photos usually are too small and probably have to few resolution to be printed on a usual Postcard in full quality and resolution. So we added Themes that are used as a passport. This makes the shipped card look like a real postcard. These themes have to be rendered with full transparency which is not trivial.

Why should people download your App?

 A printed real postcard touches the heart of the receiver. It can be pinned to your wall or refridgerator and will last for a long time, not just seconds like a birthday greeting. Still, you can share the cards that you have created on facebook, which is great fun.

Are there any other people that were involved in creating the app?

There is. Monika Novy

Tell us a bit about IDIPAP Solutions

IDIPAP Solutions consists of 12 Software Developers implementing solutions for the Photo Industry. The focus is on the Server Side Photo Production Management Software that produces Photobooks and Photo-Prints fully automatically.

List for us links from which we can download the app

You can download the app from our site – or from

Well, here are a few screenshots of the app. Tell us what you think.




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