6 Top Apps Every Dance Teacher Should Have

Dancing is one of the most popular forms of entertainment throughout the world. From traditional dances to new age forms of dancing, there have always been masters of the art who serve as tutors or instructors for those interested to learn. As a dance teacher, you want to use every resource available to you to help your students learn the art as quick and as best as possible. Today, many apps available can make dance teachers more effective in their work. Some of these top apps include the following:

Maple MP3 Player 


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This app has been rated best for ballroom dance teachers. For any dance instructor, the first concern should always be the music the students are going to dance to during lessons. Choosing the type of player for your music is equally as important as selecting the right music.

The Maple MP3 Player offers the best features that are useful in a ballroom setup. For instance, it allows you to play your music by playlist, album, artist, genres or folders. You can vary the speed of the music and control the pitch. Other features include visualize, sleep timer, widgets and selectable themes.

Audio Evolution Mobile


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This app is simply great for any dance teacher out there. It is probably the best multi-track recorder with features such as real-time effects, mixing, automation and non-linear non-destructive editing that has unlimited undo/redo. Dancers do not listen to music the same way as normal people do.

That is why this app offers features such as loop playback, latency correction, volume automation, metronome, and sample rate conversion. Real-time effects include delay, chorus, dual delay, reverse delay, bandpass, lowpass, highpass, noisegate, flanger and tremolo. Offline effects are reverse, normalize, fade in/out, time stretching and pitch shift.

Fit Street Dancer


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Even the best teachers need to keep sharpening their sills from time to time. It is so easy for a dance instructor to get lazy with his or her dance routine because he or she does most of the teaching through verbal instructions. That is why as a dance teacher you need this app. Fit street dancer helps you to learn new moves while staying fit at the same time.

In addition to dancing, it includes body part training of the head, legs, arms and upper body. The app enables you to experience a sample of different styles of dancing since it is all mixed in there.

Dancing Video Lessons


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If you would to teach your students dance in a fan way, then this app is for you. As a teacher, you can always learn something new from other teachers. This app includes basic and complex dancing lessons from various teachers. Each week, the app mangers add new classes covering a wide range of styles including cumbias, salsa, tango and bachata.

You can learn something new every day to share with your students. If you cannot wait to get to class to share something interesting with your students, you can do that via Facebook or Twitter.



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Dance teachers like those that other professionals need to communicate and network with each other. The ArtsPool app is specifically for dance teachers who want to network with others in the industry and discuss things like curriculums, new forms of dancing and dancing etiquette.

The tutor will also receive other vital information such as more dance contacts. They will also be directed where they can receive more support. If you have not been networking, this is the perfect chance to begin doing so using this app. Soon you will have established an extensive and supportive network.

Tap Dancing For Beginners


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For those dance teachers who specialize or are interested in tap dancing, this app is for you. Tap dancing is certainly popular in the US due to its ability to entertain and amuse at the same time. This app contains a set of 20 videos that provide introductory lessons to this kind of dancing.

These videos include warm up moves, tap sounds, singe pullbacks, ball change step, drawbacks, shuffle toe shuffle, basic steps, basic heel flap, cramp roll time step, time steps and turns, three tap riff, and learn a single time. The app is available for less than 6 dollars.

[author] The author of this post is Kim Card, an employee at Afro Latin, leading samba dancers in Toronto. Kim loves dancing and blogging about dancing tips. [/author]

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