Tecno dual Sim M3 and D1 hit the Kenyan Market


Mobile device manufacturer Tecno has launched two new models of android powered smartphones -the dual sim M3 and the D1 – in the Kenyan market, at a price that makes them amongst the cheapest smartphones available.

Both phones are powered by Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Google’s latest major Android version and retail at KSh 9,000 (US$105) and KSh. 12,000 (US$141) respectively

The dual-sim M3 model is powered by a 1.0 gigahertz dual core MediaTek processor. It also features high speed 3G, a 5 MP main camera, 0.3 MP front camera, and 512 MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage with 1.2GB user accessible as USB storage, memory card slot expandable to 32GB, and a 3.5 inch touch display.

The D1 features similar specifications as the M3, but spots a 2.6 inch display in addition to a physical keyboard. The 4 GB internal storage is also not split into two.

Tecno has designed the D1 to meet the needs of socially active users striving to enjoy a smart life in their social circles.

Tecno was the first dual-SIM mobile phone brand to hit the market in Africa, and according to the company, their “mobile phones have been highly favoured by consumers due to their high quality, powerful recreational function, high-performance in Internet experience and an excellent service support network.”

Android 4.3 is the most recent version of Android, but is a minor release containing a few updates and error fixes over its preceding Android 4.2  Jelly Bean, comprises of Android versions 4.1,  4.2 and 4.3. The latter are improvements on 4.1, with 4.2 being the major version in this series and carrying more changes  on the version it succeeds compared to 4.3.

Google names major Android releases after desserts, with the next major release, Android 4.4, named KitKat after the chocolate wafer. Jelly Bean is a form of candy.

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