Instagram Celebrates Three Years


Three years ago on October 6th when Instagram was launched with the vision “to make mobile photographs “fast, simple and beautiful”, there was little indication that the app would be worth $ 1 billion dollars in such a short time, or that the app would embrace some of the world’s most powerful people. But it did.

The company has in a short time managed to accomplish what most startups dream of doing in a lifetime. The company says, “We’re humbled and excited to watch the Instagram community continue to grow and thrive.”

And quite a community it has become. Today Instagram has more than 150 millions users across the globe. The app’s ability to add retro chic to digital photos through filters that distort colour and create a Polaroid effect has seen it adopted by countless celebrities.

Michelle Obama has an account, as does President Bashar al-Assad. Paul McCartney has launched new music through the site and Andy Murray personally thanked fans after winning Wimbledon with an Instagram video.

Facebook saw the value of this little company and snatched when the opportunity arose, and now the app is set to double its value with the recent announcement that some ads may infiltrate US-based user feeds. The team promises users the ability to hide ads they dislike and a forum for feedback. Early photos and videos will be from brands already using the social media tool.

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