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News sources such as NY Times and CNN keep users updated with the latest news across the world. However, people today prefer to get their news from multiple news sources on their devices, be it an iPad, iPhone or even their Android phones. To get exciting, interesting and latest news at the fingertips, all the user has to do is download news aggregators or news apps for his/her phone and stay updated at all times. Listed below are two of the best news aggregators for the iOS platform that can be downloaded for free.

News 360

News 360 brings news from more than 20,000 magazines and newspapers across a minimalistic and attractively designed interface. The main screen displays the top news; however the content can be adapted by choosing particular news sources or topics to follow. The app brings different views from varied sources on a single news story. Also available as a webapp, News360 can be downloaded on almost every mobile operating system including Android, Windows Phone 7, iOS (iPhone and iPad,) as well as the BlackBerry Playbook. Irrespective of the platform, the News 360 interface is attractive, and is rich with interesting videos and images.

News 360 includes Safari Reader integration for news browsing and enables sharing articles via email, G+, Twitter and Facebook. What’s more, News 360 also allows signing into social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to get customized news as per user preferences. In fact, News 360 is the first news app that looks into social networks like Twitter and Facebook to learn about the user and his/her interests. This information is then used to anticipate what the user would like to read and customizes the news accordingly, thus ensuring that the user never gets an uninteresting story to read. News 360 also supports apps such as Evernote that guide the user to the selected news stories for offline reading.


One of the highly acclaimed and most popular news aggregators on the App Store, Pulse delivers news in a slightly different way than other news aggregators. Instead of retrieving a news list to start with, the app asks for personalizing the app by selecting a list of news sources beforehand. There is scope to preview up to nine posts at a go. User can also share the articles on chosen social networks as well. Pulse also brings together all favorite content from social networks, magazines, newspapers and blogs under in one place. The user can enjoy the seamless experience of reading news articles on selected subjects without the excess noise created by unwanted news reports.

Pulse also allows for saving news stories onto Evernote, Reader and Read it Later for reading at leisure. After registering and signing in, Pulse conveniently syncs the favorite news sources across all the user’s devices, so that it can be conveniently accessed from anywhere. Plus the user can search for a news source by simply typing keywords in the search box. What’s more, Pulse features new publishers every week to keep user interest alive.

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