Why Your Mobile Ads Should Differ From Your Computer Ads


It might be nice, as far as design budgets are concerned, if mobile ads were simply a re-size of a traditional online ad. Unfortunately, one size does NOT fit all when you’re talking about mobile (or mobile application) ads vs. Web ads. Generally, the ad’s message should be different, as well the size, to fit the mobile environment. Once you look into the mobile marketing and advertising possibilities, you will discover that mobile marketing’s differences (the uniqueness of the platform and it’s portability/accessibility) are actually an advantage. It pays to consider how mobile advertising expands your possibilities for getting the word out about your product or service. Here are some situations when a mobile ad should perform well:

– When you need to hit different demographics. When you want to reach out to those who “live” on their mobile phones rather than, or in addition to, those sitting at a desk or using a PC or laptop–mobile works for you. As Nielsen (1) has noted, Hispanics are a significant demographic for many products/services–and they’re also heavy users of mobile devices.

– When you need to run a geo-targeted or location specific ad. Mobile advertising agencies can help you design appropriate ads, write copy and strategize the best timing and placement for your ads.

– When you have a coupon or discount to offer. Ads with a coupon work well via mobile, because presumably your viewer/prospect is on the go at that very moment. A reputable national or local mobile advertising company such as Hipcricket can help you tap into the vast and growing mobile audience.

– When you want to catch the buyer at or near the point of purchase. When you want to deliver some needed info to tip the balance toward purchase. Of course, your prospect may be able to buy online, but you might want to schedule you ad for a time when they might be in or near a physical retail outlet. This reinforces the signage or ads visible on the physical storefront and allows the client to walk in and try the product. This adds reinforcement to your sales message and brings it to life, so to speak.

– When you want to entertain. Ads that mimic a computer game, for example, can work well on mobile. Entertaining and interactive advertising like this works on mobile–simply because you’re likely to catch prospects when they have a few moments to kill–and they’re open to light entertainment.

– When you want to get more attention. Currently, there are less ads running on mobile devices to compete with yours for notice (depending upon your industry), since companies are still spending less of their ad budgets on (and running less) mobile ads than Web ads. Get into the mobile ad space before the flood that could happen as soon as mobile analytics become more detailed. Online ad spending should nearly equal other ad budgets as soon as 2017, according to a study by eMarketer referenced in Ad Age.(2)

One thing’s certain, mobile users are flocking to phones faster than marketers. There’s a ready and growing audience that is using smartphones and apps for more and more purposes, rather than going on the Web/online. Since people are spending more time online every day, now is a great time to explore your options for mobile advertising. Contact one or two mobile advertising agencies experienced in the currently evolving mobile world–and see what possibilities “going mobile” might offer for your business.

[author] Penny Ward is a advertising representative interested in the newest marketing technologies. Aside from advertising, she enjoys writing and baseball. [/author]

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