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5 Most Inspiring Tech CEO’s

Simply being a CEO does not make one inspiring. However, some CEO’s have redefined the meaning of their companies and revolutionized the entire technological industry. For instance, Steve Jobs was able to transform the digital world with a number of very smart innovative devices. Here are the 5 most inspiring tech CEO’s.

#5 Pete Cashmore

He is the founder as well as the CEO of an award winning site called Mashable. Pete takes pride in inviting hordes of new users daily. He is an opinion inspirer and he inspires his readership to the fullest. Mr. Cashmore was named as Ad Age’s influencer in 2011 and the number 25 web celebrity by Forbes magazine. He founded Mashable as a blog in the year 2005. The blog grew to become a reputable news site on most social networks. today millions of users visit the site each day.

#4 Marissa Mayer

She is the present president and CEO of Yahoo. Before this, she was working at Google as a spokesperson and an executive. Her most impressive feat at Yahoo is that she has raised the stock price from 15 to 20 dollars per share in less than a year. Additionally, with her multiple achievements, she is reviving Yahoo from the ashes. Mayer has been positioned at number 14 by Fortune magazine as America’s most powerful businesswomen.

#3 Jack Dorsey

He is the founder as well as CEO of the most famous micro blogging site, Twitter. Twitter is used by millions of people on a daily basis and it is credited for billions of search queries daily. Jack is also the founder plus CEO of Square, a site that that has made news for raising the largest rounds of financial support from Venture Capital Industry. Dorsey is also regarded as one of the most influential people of all time by TIME magazine.

#2 Larry Page

He has created the world’s most famous search engine, Google. He and Sergey Brin created the search engine as part of a research project in Stanford. It listed results based on page popularity and this gave them an idea to create the most popular search engine. They realized that the most popular pages are usually the most useful to the end user. Google was launched in the year 1998 and has since soared in popularity. The most recent record by Forbes magazine ranked Mr. Page as number 13 of the richest 400 Americans in the world.

#1 Jeff Bezos

Jeffrey Peterson Bezos has played a key role in the growth of Amazon. He first learnt about the speedy growth of internet use and started working on a plan to create Amazon. He initially set up the company in his own garage and it has since grown gradually to become the biggest retailer on the internet. The rise of Amazon occurred in 2011 when the price of its shares jumped up by 55 percent thus adding 6.5 billion dollars to its total worth. Jeff has played an important role in the growth of e-commerce. His website has now become the 5th most visited in the US. He also invented the Amazon kindle, a cheap tablet that has sold seven million units so far.

This article was written by William Reeves. He is currently a postgraduate student of Personality and Behavioural Science. He loves blogging in his spare time and recommends that you visit Buzzkenya where he makes his contributions.
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