Facebook expands Graph Search to include posts and status updates

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg announces the limited beta release of Graph Search

In a move to improve search popularity on Facebook, , Facebook has expanded its Graph Search to include posts and status updates.

Starting Monday, the engine will enable people to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins, and comments on Facebook.com. Previously, Graph Search has only allowed users to query around people, places, photos, and interests.

Users will now be able to search for posts from a certain time or place, for instance, such as “Posts by my friends from last month” or “Posts written at The White House,” Facebook said.

Graph Search was first introduced in January, but was only rolled out to people using US English in July.

“As with other things in Graph Search, you can only see content that has been shared with you, including posts shared publicly by people you are not friends with,” Facebook said.

The spokesperson said that Facebook, starting Monday afternoon, will roll out the new-and-improved Graph Search slowly to a small group of people and will listen to feedback.

The product also remains desktop-only, meaning Graph Search isn’t yet available to members on their smartphones where they’re increasingly engaging with Facebook.

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