Citizen’s Advice Will Help with Advice on Income Support

Believe it or not there are people who do not spend every spare minute on a mobile device surfing the Internet.  That is sometimes because they are consumed by their own problems and are unsure where to turn. One place in the High Street that has always provided a helping hand is the Citizen’s Advice Bureau which is an independent charity formed to help people with advice on finance, the law and consumer affairs. Indeed, help on anything.


Income support phone number to ring

It’s good to talk

Even though some people may immediately turn to the Internet for help, others still prefer to sit down and talk to a sympathetic ear. There is certainly one in these bureaux that have existed in many towns since the second World War. There were over 1,000 set up using temporary sites such as schools, even air raid shelters and private homes. Although many closed at the end of the War the principle had been established although the numbers dwindled.

In the 1970s the service became independent and the Ted Heath Tory Government funded the National Association of Citizen’s Advice Bureaux (NACAB) and there are now over 3,000 centres with over 20,000 volunteers throughout the UK. That is a lot of sympathetic ears.


There are a number of bases that the Bureaux are founded upon:

  • A free and completely confidential service that is easily accessible
  • Independence and impartiality
  • Accountability and effectiveness

The Bureaux have initiated some fairly effective campaigns on behalf of the consumer, incidentally one of the most recent being the mis-selling of PPI which has resulted in the Banks facing huge compensation claims. If enough people point out an injustice then there is a chance that someone will listen, act and the Office of Fair Trading is something that will act on a justifiable case.

Financial issues

Finance plays an important role in the Bureaux activities whether it is advice about personal debt or providing information about bodies that can help. Some people who walk through the doors of a bureau just want some fairly straightforward information. Those in financial trouble will certainly be asked information about their circumstances and they can be assured that it will remain absolutely confidential.

The sympathetic ear will know from the information gathered whether there is income support available to improve the situation. People between the ages of 16 and 65 are eligible if they are working 16 hours or less for example. The whole subject has been defined fairly precisely and there could be good news on the way.

A sympathetic adviser is likely to ring the team directly responsible for income support there and then. The ball is rolling from that point and someone in need of help can expect an early decision having made an application for help. It will only take two weeks for a successful applicant to receive money directly into a bank account.

The Income support phone number will take a potential applicant direct to the team that can give advice on making an application. The decision to walk into the local Citizen’s Advice could just be the one to start a brighter future.

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