Pinterest Introduces Article Pins -A new way to discover Articles.


A few days Pinterest launched their sponsored posts in an attempt to monetize the popular social media platform.

Now, the company is at it again, this time with the single agenda of helping you bookmark popular posts so that you can read them later.

Pinterest today rolled out an updated “article” pin type, which is designed to expand Pinterest’s reach beyond those pinning photographs or product images linking to e-commerce sites to those also interested in saving and sharing stories they’re finding around the web.

The updated article pins will now include more information such as the headline, author, story description, and link to the source right on the pin itself –  a great improvement to the original pins that only included an image and small link to the post.

With today’s changes, Pinterest notes that all the articles pinned to the site in the past will be updated to the new look-and-feel without any extra effort on the pinner’s part.

The move to expand the focus to articles and news content, then, could potentially position Pinterest as a modern-day bookmarking tool akin to Delicious, or even a competitor to “read it later” services like Instapaper or Pocket.

The company’s official blog post even spoke to this possibility, saying: “when you come across articles you may not have time to read, or just want to keep for later,  you can save them to your own reading list board. For example, you may be reading a lot about healthy living, so you could save the most interesting articles to a healthy reading board.”

The updated article pins are rolling out to the web now, and will show up soon on mobile, too.

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